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Luvingmy4boys 08-27-2010 05:28 AM

Delayed walking and development question..
I was so glad to see this forum open this morning. I had a little boy last March born at 34 weeks. The placenta was not providing enough oxygen and my fluid levels were very,very low so they induced my labor. He weighed 4lbs and 11 oz and was 17" long. He is about 20lbs now. I call him my little peanut though as he is small for his age.

He didn't need a ventilator and was breathing on his own but couldn't maintain his body temp and his breathing needed to be assisted with oxygen. He ended up staying a week in the NICU. The last 2 days were just because he needed the bili lights due to jaundice. He's never had any health issues and is pretty healthy baby but I have a question regarding his development.

I've discussed this with his doctor but they just tell me that he's ok and will get there and was told it is because he was born early. He was only born 4 weeks early though.

I'm just a bit concerned that I really don't see him walking anytime soon. He started army crawling about 3 months ago and is still doing this but he is getting the hang of crawling on his knees now. He does pull himself up to a kneeling position holding onto something but doesn't stand up all the way. He rolls around on the floor like crazy though. He also babbles non-stop. :giggle: He's almost 18 months. My oldest son was the one that walked the earliest at 13 months. He also doesn't care to eat more than a few mouthfuls of solid food so he is still being supplemented with formula. He's only been on the formula though since December due to me needing 2 emergency surgeries and I had to stop nursing him.

I guess I'm just wondering how long it took your little ones that were born early to "catch up" developmentally.


sillyutalktome 08-27-2010 05:23 PM

Re: Delayed walking and development question..
My daughter was born at the same gestational age and was very similar in size. She was 4 lbs 11 0z, and 16 inches. She had no NICU stay, just four days in hospital. Treated at home for jaundice b/c she would not lay under the lights. At a year she was 28" inches tall and 22lbs so still pretty similar in size. Now at two she's 10th percentile for height (33") and 25th for weight (25lbs 6 oz) She is a peanut too!

She never crawled. She did learn how to scoot on her butt though. She absolutely refused to be down on her stomach. She started walking at 13 months. She's definitely gone thru picky eating phases but we are still nursing so I've never worried too much. She now eats amazingly well and a large variety even though she previously would have days where she only ate cereal bars.

Is he technically behind for not walking yet? My doctor said that development kind of comes in waves and so we never worried if she was behind at one appointment, just worried if she was behind at two in a row.

3rockstars 08-27-2010 08:54 PM

Re: Delayed walking and development question..
My 34weeker was 5lbs 3oz and spent two weeks in the nicu. She was caught up around age 2(minus some sensory issues) . My 33weeker was 4lbs 12oz and spent 2 weeks in the nicu and was caught up developmentally around 18months or so. She's got asthma though and she still has issues every cold/flu season. But developmentally she's right on target for her chronological age and she is actually advanced for her chronological age in her speech. So she's come a long way. Right around a year or so I was concerned for both their developmental skills but around 18months they both exploded in those skills and surged ahead in development.

By the way, do not discount the multiple kids in the home. Do his siblings get things for him and do things for him and speak for him????? My Gracie was #3 and her sisters spoke for her all the time and she literally was not babbling by 13months. But by 15months she was speaking 8 words and signing another 5-10. It was like the lightbulb turned on. So try to sit back and look objectively at the family dynamic and see if maybe the other kids are contributing to letting the baby NOT develop. I don't mean to be rude or assume or hurt feelings when you are worried about your child. I'm actually repeating to you what was told to me by Early Intervention. The EI intake lady told me those exact things and she was right. My older girls were doing things for Gracie and that's why she was no speaking at all. She didn't have to. She had sisters to do it for her. Once I got control of that, her speech exploded. She started speaking and signing and doing amazingly well. She's 2 1/2 now and the first thing people notice about her is that her speech is so incredibly clear.

jGood luck mama!

Whimsy Twist 08-27-2010 09:39 PM

Re: Delayed walking and development question..
My twins are not walking yet at 17 months (though they are getting close I think!). They were born at 28w2d. 2lb10oz and 2lb12oz. They are pretty opposite though- one is much better at fine motor (while the other has major sensory issues delaying that), and the other has much better gross motor (and that is the one that I think is about to walk in the next few weeks/months). One of them has never really gotten pass the army crawl (prefers is to hands and knees crawing, which we've seen her do only a handful of times). We've also gone through major nutrition issues (they just started solids 1.5 months ago, and were on Neocate until then, and still are).

It is SO individual- and if your ped. isn't too worried, I would just go with it for a while longer, BUT, if you momma gut is worried, just ask to see a physical therapist! BTW- it is still within 'normal' to learn to walk at 18 months old. From what I've read, that is the later end of the normal spectrum, but throw in the few weeks of prematurity, and you guys still have a while to go before being worried about an actual delay! Hugs!!

Luvingmy4boys 08-27-2010 09:56 PM

Re: Delayed walking and development question..
Thanks mamas! I know all babies develop differently but since this is my first one born early I can't help but think something might be wrong. The ped doesn't seem concerned about it yet. The other thing is that he can't sit upright unassisted for too long without falling to the side and that is if we sit him down since he can't sit up on his own either.

I don't see my older boys doing too much for him but I'll have to analyze that a bit more too. He does talk his baby jibberish even with hand and facial expressions at times which is really cute and tries to respond back in baby talk when you talk to him.

Whimsy Twist 08-27-2010 10:02 PM

Re: Delayed walking and development question..
Maybe a PT eval might not be a bad thing. sounds like low muscle tone/weak trunk. 1 of mine was like that, and after a few months of pt and specific activities to strengthen, she is douing great! NAK

animegeekmom 08-28-2010 12:31 AM

Re: Delayed walking and development question..
My dd was born at 35 weeks. I was induced due to pre-eclampsia. She was 5 lbs 3 oz and 18 in. No NICU, just a week in the hosp and some bili lights for jaundice. She didnt sit until she was 8 months, didnt crawl till 1 and didnt walk until 15 months. She is now almost 11 and fine:)

stinkelein 08-28-2010 09:10 AM

Re: Delayed walking and development question..
Dd1 was a 34 weeker and walked (well forst step and only one) at 16 months did not walk alone until 18 months. Oh but she talked (okay would not shut up ) at 9 mo (corrected ages) and Her dr said that if they are achieving one milestone (walking talking sttn, fine motor skills etc) they may not work on the others. We saw a big stop in her achievement while she was mastering solid food of all things. She is now a verbally precocious 5 year old who is getting ready for kindergarten and climbed the climbing wall at the playground yesterday (huge milestone for her younger brother has done it all summer) so if he is busy with other milestone he may wait to walk.

viersmommy 08-28-2010 06:33 PM

Re: Delayed walking and development question..
my DD was a 24 weeker. I can't remember specifically when she crawled. I know she wasn't up on hand/knees yet at 18 months. She started walking the week DS1 was roughly 27-28 months. She talked really well starting around her first birthday. We do have gross & fine motor skill issues and thought organization issues. She gets PT weekly and is on the waiting list for OT and Speech.

If you are worried about it I would ask for an Early Intervention evaluation.

MyFourStars 08-29-2010 03:29 PM

Re: Delayed walking and development question..
DD2 was a 34weeker. She STARTED walking at 14 months (when ds1 was born. I swear she wanted attention LOL) but was walking well at 19m. DS1 was a 32 weeker and was in PT for low tone and delays. WITH physical therapy 3 times a week, he started walking with a walker (not a baby walker) at 15m. He was walking Ok-ish by 18m without it. SUCH a pain. My 31 weeker walked perfectly fine on his first birthday, like every parent's dream :headscratch:

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