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lillypie82 09-04-2010 02:55 PM

12" Doll Clothes Pattern?
I just bought LO's 1st baby doll for her 1st birthday (NEXT MONTH?? Already??) It's a 12" Corolle Doll called "Calin". I want to sew some clothes for it, but I have not clue where to find a simple pattern. I looked in the McCalls book at Joann's but all the patterns seemed too... idk, frilly and complicated! I actually learned to sew by my granny teaching me to sew clothes for my dolls, so I'd like to find a simple pattern that I can teach LO to sew from when she gets older!

It seems like this should be so "duh" easy to figure out, but I just have no clue where to start! I would love a simple PDF pattern for doll clothes, just simple pants, shirts, and dresses.

lillypie82 09-04-2010 03:20 PM

Re: 12" Doll Clothes Pattern?
Ok, I found the pattern I learned to sew on (here, if anyone is interested http://craftycritterscreativecorner....bies-jiffy-six) and my mom is going to send it to me!

Still interested in any free/cheap pdf patterns or tutorials :-)


Leeldoo 12-26-2011 08:59 PM

Re: 12" Doll Clothes Pattern?
bump to see if anyone has new info

lisapang 12-29-2011 09:47 AM

Re: 12" Doll Clothes Pattern?
Not sure what size doll these are for but it should be pretty easy to resize the pattern a bit.

Rdesonia 12-29-2011 12:09 PM

Re: 12" Doll Clothes Pattern?
Remember to make some cute little velcro diapers and a blanket for the baby! I don't have a pattern but a wrap skirt (just a double hemmed long rectangle) with velco are very easy on/easy off for a little one to dress a doll. And a "tube" top to match the skirt... (the top of a sock with a little ribbon or lace on the top hem).
A sleaveless dress is also super easy. Just measure around the doll at it's widest point under the arms all the way around the doll (so if hips are widest then that is what you measure. ) then measure from arm pit to ankle. Cut two peices of elastic the same size as the around measurement. Then double the around measurement and cut a peice of fabric ( so double the dolls width and the height pit to ankle. It's should be a rectangle square shape) Turn & top stich the top. Sew on the elastic along the top edge. (you will waste a little tacking it down on the ends then just stretch it and zig zag (or there are fancy stitches for this too) ... Don't cut the elastic bigger! You need to have the end product with shorter than the exact measurement around so the elastic will hold on the doll. Now measure from arm pit to waist of doll. Sew the elastic in at the waist line(you can Premeasure and draw a chalk line before you sew the first elastic in if it is easier for you). Hold it up to doll... Figure out how big a hem you want. ( small for mid calf or a bigger hem for knee legnth.) Now stitch up the side and you have an easy pull on dress. ( I reccomend a french seam as it will give the doll dress a finished look. Just sew a scant 1/8 seam on the right side. Then turn dress inside out and sew a 1/4 inch seam. ) Now the fun part... decorating it.

Rdesonia 12-29-2011 12:25 PM

Re: 12" Doll Clothes Pattern?
*note ... my above instructions are for how to quickly and easily do it by machine for a small doll. If it is a larger doll or you are doing it by hand you would want to put in the elastic first, then side seam, then hem the top and bottom. However small doll clothes won't fit around the bottom of your sewing machine. So the above way is easiest.

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