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blessedmama2 09-08-2010 09:29 PM

I opened a FB account!:)
Ok so I finally broke down and did it-I really wanted to see Aub's pics!:) I had an account a while back but my aunts and dh's family just loved to cause too much drama on there for everyone and it just got annoying! Oh and my mama too, she loved causing drama-never thought I would have to delete her from an online page that was meant to keep in touch with one another:headscratch:anyways-so I always hear all of you talking how you heard from one another on FB-so I had to join in so I can keep in touch and get to better know everyone-since I got a late start here! So please look me up:) (Nicole Simoncavage)

benjaminsmom 09-08-2010 09:46 PM

Re: I opened a FB account!:)
Just sent a friend request! Welcome!

blessedmama2 09-08-2010 09:58 PM

Re: I opened a FB account!:)
Just what I need-something else to draw me to the computer!:) lol esp with this awsome carpel tunnel that I have had going on! But ya know, this is what keeps me sane lately, chatting with you wonderful mamas!:) Esp since we don't get out and socialize too much. I know I have some lovely neighbors, in fact, the one next door has a little boy that has SPD like Joey, and she homeschools, so I know her and I would be great friends, but it's just so hard lately getting out and about and having the energy to be social. At least on here I am be a bum in my jammie pants and no one but the kiddos will ever know! LOL!:)

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