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elizabeth429 09-09-2010 05:31 AM

Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 9/9!
Good Morning! We're having breakfast and hanging out today.

I started reading the book "Birthing From Witihin" last night. It's really great so far. It is addressing my fears of labor and birth and bringing them to a front so I can deal with them. I read a quote which really helped me. I don't have the exact quote in front of me, but it's along these lines, we are brought to the point where we would surrender to death in labor, in order to be reborn as a mother, birthed right with our child.

Found that interesting because I am afraid of labor this go around because I felt it was so extreme last time, but when I think of it as a transforming experience where I was "reborn" was a mother, it makes so much more sense.

Anyone else read this book? Have a good day!!!

happymom 09-09-2010 10:41 AM

Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 9/9!

Just back from the vet with 5 dogs.. only 70$.. I LOVE my vet.

Oh, forgot to add, and I just started back into teaching Yoga after a month long summer break.. my body def feels different, but it was great to be back in the gym and doing what I love. I'm not into the "spiritual' side of Yoga .. my class is a power yoga totally fitness based. Its all about taking your body where it is ....accepting it, and making it the best it can be.

Nope, I Have not read the book Megan, but I agree, you are totally reborn and transformed after labor. Nothing is the same. Even though this is my 4th, they have have all been completely different experiences. By far my first was the most difficult. The second time around it was like my body knew what to do and I was able to enjoy the experience. Don't be afraid.. you will do great!

T&Gmama 09-09-2010 12:56 PM

Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 9/9!
THat book sounds wonderful! I'll have to check it out and see if the dipe store carries it. Even though I'm having a hossy birth maybe it would help me come to terms with it.

Heather- My second birth was SO much easier then my first.

AFM- Just cleanin' around the house today. Yesterday I was supposed to get Emmas crib, got all dressed and ready to go and they wouldn't accept my card. Apparently the Navy Exchange doesn't work the same as a Post exchange or Base Exchange. So pooey. I have been putting money on this card for quite some time. I hope by the time we get this check they still have the crib in stock and onsale.

Hope you mamas are having a fantastic day!

tamesis 09-09-2010 02:17 PM

Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 9/9!
I will also have to check out that book! I'm going to see if the library has it, (which I doubt, but it's worth checking), and then I may have to buy it. DH doesn't know what to do with me, i've bought so many books!

Heather, that's deffinately a great vet! WOW! so glad that you're back into Yoga and enjoying it. That's something i've always wanted to try....Not really sure why I haven't yet!

Alicia, that's rotten that they wouldn't take your card! Fingers crossed for you that you can work it all out, and get that crib asap!

AFM...I'm feeling a little better today about the OB situation. There's not much I can do about it, so I will work on acceptance and move on! Heck, with a hospital birth, I know there's no guarantee that my OB will be the one on call anyways! Also, I had an appt. yesterday with a doc. in town accepting new patients, and she will be mine and babe's family doc, so that's one less thing to think about! I've heard great things about her from the hospital. Lastly....they think Babe is head down!!! YIPEE!!!! the doc. palpated yesterday and is quite sure that he's head down, which is awesome, i've been so worried about this, because with my uterus being misshapen the longer it waits to turn, the less likely. So, natural birth it shall be! US tuesday should confirm positioning for us. :)

tabbytoes 09-09-2010 02:43 PM

Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 9/9!
hmmm just waiting on my diapers to arrive! lol cleaned the whole house and did all the laundry yesterday. good thing i got all that done cause today i feel horrible! i took a different prenatal last night NEVER EVER AGAIN will i take those. i feel like i'm back in my first trimester! hoping it wears off soon so i can keep food down cause i'm starving! baby girl is kickin and bumping like crazy( hard enough she makes my belly visibly jump like crazy!) i think she is still sitting breach because all the movement is well below my belly button and she is still kicking my cervix now and then, oh and of course thinks my bladder is a neato trampoline lol. above my belly button i get a bump every now and then normally right after she kicks down low so i'm guessin its her head bumping cause she is jumping lol.

Her room is about finished i'll post pics when i get time. my mom still has to make my basket covers for the changing table and i want some shelves for the wall but its mostly done and i loooove it!

but i guess thats all for now! hope everyone has a good one!

elizabeth429 09-09-2010 06:52 PM

Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 9/9!
Heather, I would love to get into yoga! With DH on deployment, I can go to the YMCA for free, so I'm planning on signing up and trying some classes. I'll have to add yoga to the list.

Alicia, hope you get your crib soon! How frustrating, I never knew they were different :headscratch:

Pam, :yay: for baby being head down! I always worry about this, too, even though really I know he has a while to flip still. I think he's head down now, but I'm going to check this weekend. Good for you for having a positive outlook about your OB, anything you can do to keep your stress down is good :)

Tabby, Ohhh I love getting new diapers. I seriously stalk my mail man :giggle: Can't wait to see pics of the nursery!!

AFM, feeling down today. Trying not to sound whiney but I really really really miss my DH. I keep forgetting that he's gone and expecting him to come walking in the door at any minute from work. We've done long distance before (our first 5 years together were long distance) but we've usually been able to have contact outside of a few month long stints. I know other women out there are going through this right now, too, so I feel like such a wimp. I don't have anyone to talk about it because none of the womens' husbands here are gone. Plus, I just feel like my negativity is bringing everyone else down so I don't want to talk about it. I'd just rather stay home and not see people because they always ask and I feel like I should be strong and be fine.

Sorry for the pity party, not really looking for anything, just getting it out there because I don't really have anyone else right now.

sarahakamommy 09-09-2010 06:58 PM

Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 9/9!
I attended a Birthing From Within training about 10 years ago when I was working as a doula. I can't say enough good things about the book/program. I bet you can find the book on amazon pretty cheap these days.

AFM - I'm taking all four kids to the dentist tomorrow and then racing to my fetal echo (with all the kids in tow) so I'm hoping we don't get any bad news. I can always have my 15 yo take the younger kids to the waiting room if it seems like something is not right, but either way I think it will be important for them to see their little brother on the u/s screen in real time not just the pics I've brought home.

My insurance wouldn't cover my testing strips or insulin today. They switched my plan all around and I understand some medications require pre-auth but what about my testing strips?! How will I know if my blood sugar is all whacked out? I'm not just a gestational diabetic so this was odd to me.

I started taking zoloft for anxiety and to stave off post partum depression. I think I'm starting to feel the effects after two weeks now, not totally better, but thank goodness because I've been doing battle with the insurance! I probably wouldn't have lasted this long without a breakdown if it weren't for the medication. I'm hoping I won't have to take it too long after delivery, but I was hospitalized with SEVERE depression after my DD and it was beyond hard on our family.

T&Gmama 09-09-2010 07:10 PM

Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 9/9!
Pam- Good for you having a positive outlook on your OB situation! I've been there. I met the doctor that delivered my oldest (at 16 yo) and we had a scare that landed me in the ER and she was going to do an exam and I explained why I was nervous and she said well obviously you weren't too nervous or you wouldn't be pregnant... Yeah to see her walk in the room when it was time to push I about started crying.

Tabby- I hope your feeling better by now. Can't wait to see pictures!

Megan- You SOOOOO do not sound the least bit whiney! You are welcome to cry or vent to us (I'm assuming nobody else cares!) ANYTIME! I have no idea what it's like to have my DH deployed yet, but I know when it does happen there will be times I just want to talk to someone and I don't think you should have to worry about bringing anyone down! After all it is YOUR DH that is fighting for their freedom, and if they can't handle you saying you miss your DH then it kind of sucks to be them!

And I totally had no idea the exchanges were different either. It stinks that I can't use the card, but atleast the credit card is like 75% paid off now :giggle: We have our refund check from my SUV that we traded in on the way and should be here by the weekend. We plan to use that to purchase anything she needs, and put the rest into savings.

afm- I got a load of blankets washed, and the living room pretty straightend up. I've gotta vaccum I haven't in 5 days now and you can certainly tell! I've been enjoying nap time, sitting watching my trash soaps drinking a chai latte. Now it's time to get up and do something!

sarahakamommy 09-09-2010 07:21 PM

Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 9/9!
I just found out the most awesome news!! Jenn, from Bumgenius, will be at my favorite diaper store next Saturday and all WIC families will recieve FREE DIAPERS! I have no idea how crazy it will be, how many diapers etc. but even if it's just one I'd be thrilled. I don't have any BG dipes. Plus she's doing her very own diaper seminar. It's a 2.5 hour drive back to Ann Arbor, but I'm getting used to the drive. We'll see how I feel after the diaper frenzy. I bet it's nuts.

alisha_roseleip 09-09-2010 09:50 PM

Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 9/9!
That is cool that Jen is doing that!!:goodvibes:

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