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2sweetboys 06-01-2006 03:42 PM

Questions about TTC?
How do the ovulations test strips work? When do I use them? Where do I get them?

We are planning to start TTC once we get moved in to our new house...(if they EVER let us close!!!!) and I want to be more prepared than just doing the deed! lol

I would like to try for a girl, so any info on this would be appreciated!

Thanks for your help!

kkweight 06-01-2006 10:34 PM

Re: Questions about TTC?
I dont have a huge understanding of them so maybe im not the best eprson to be responding to your post.
Theres also something called the Lady Q and its also an ovulation predictor kit that measures the surges in your saliva.
To the best of my knowledge the strips test the ovulation hormones. They pick up when there is a surge when ovulation happens. BUT, i asked my naturpath about thema nd she said that you can ovulate but the strip wont pick up on it because the hormones in your body arent enough for the test to pick up. Does that make sense? And she also said that you can also show as ovulating but in reality no ovulation actually occured. Please correct me if im wrong, but thats the way i understood it. So, if you have perfect to the T menstrul cycles these would be great for you probably. But if you have hormone problems and have had problems TTC they arent the best option for you.

Fuzzi Fannies Creations 06-01-2006 10:51 PM

Re: Questions about TTC?
I woudl check out That site has TONS of good info! :)

Samantha 06-02-2006 12:25 AM

Re: Questions about TTC?
IMHO, I would just try without for a few cycles.

People who try to hard to get preggo tend to not get preggo easily. People who stress about getting preggo, normally take longer to get preggo!

It always seems like I hear stories of couples who are trying so hard...month after month they are dissapointed....and then they decide to take a break and BAM they end up preggo.

Anyways...if it were ME I would just not worry about ovulation strips yet...Starting a week or so after your period start DTD every other day...go until a week or so before your period is due...(or go the entire month if you wish :giggle: )

Also, if you want to try for a girl...I would think ovulation strips wouldnt be a good idea...?? I guess I dont know a ton about them...but they say if you are ovulating or not? If you want to TTC for a girl the method that I really believe in (its worked for us twice) is girl sperm swim slower but live longer and boy sperm swim faster but die sooner. Of course this isnt 100% but, I think its your best shot of picking your gender. So you want those girlie sperm up there ready to GO when that egg is released!

I think charting would be a better option for you. You can see approx where in your cycle you ovulate (most people its 14 days before your period) and you can DTD a day or two before.

Anyways, just my :2cents:

~stacy~ 06-02-2006 08:53 AM

Re: Questions about TTC?
I would definitely check out WebMDs ovulation calendar - it's like fertility friend charting and you can register for free PLUS it has tips from trying for a girl vs boy. I'm not sure how long that info sticks around though, so you might make notes on it the first go round just in case. Check it out here:

I, personally used the clear blue LH tests for my first pregnancy. I think I only used them for 2 cycles before we conceived. I think it depends on your personality whether you stress yourself out trying or not. I found it more stressful when I was just guessing as to what was going on with my body. Tracking my LH surge lent me encouragement that everything in my body was working the way it should be. So I think it helped my efforts. But I also kept in mind on average I might expect to wait a whole year before I got PG and that was pretty normal for some folks. But it only took 3 cycles.

I started testing for an LH surge around day 10 of my cycle (around 4 pm) and stopped once I detected it. Like fuzzi fannies creations above said, is a totally awesome resource for more info. I would def. check it out.

I also know couples who have stressed out trying too hard and got pg once they gave up. So it is definitely good to keep that in mind. But if you're like me, the more info you have in hand the more relaxed you'll feel about how everything is going. BEWARE tho - I think it is harder to try for girls than boys and you will have to be BD days before you see that LH surge. So it may take you a few cycles just to see about when you can expect your body to ovulate if you want a really good effort at a girl.

Good luck!

Kimmomy2dom 06-02-2006 09:15 AM

Re: Questions about TTC?
I personally NEVER got a positive OPK when I was using them, LOL. I found charting to be much more clear to use - easier to understand. I don't really suggest the saliva microscope thingies either...I tried using them when TTC my son and I never got a positive one with that either, LOL. I suggest to just use charting for awhile...a lot of people use OPKs WITH charting, also. So you could start charting and then start using OPKs. I agree with all the links up there, too. They can probably give you better info than I can type out, LOL.
Oh, and the methods they suggest for trying for a certain sex didn't work for me, LOL. I wasn't TRYING for a boy but according to my chart that's what I was supposed to get. I'm not anywhere close, LOL. I generally say (when people are trying for a certain sex) that it just depends on what your DH or SO gets up there, LOL. Sometimes no matter WHEN you bd it's not going to make a difference. :)

Abunchofus 06-02-2006 05:34 PM

Re: Questions about TTC?
my opks were barely pos with co-op ones so I used those along with some from Target. The Target brand are pretty cheap too - they were about $8 I think for a 7 pack if I remember right. I only used my Target ones when I was getting a close to as dark on my co-op test strips. this way I didn't waste the more expensive ones even though the Target ones are FAR cheaper than some of hte other brands and with the Target ones I definitely got a darker than line on my opk to show I was gearing up for O'ing. I did those along with charting with fertility friend and sure enough O'd when the OPK's said I would and we are preggo again due in Feb 07!

I can show you pics of my OPK's progressing if you want and comparing my co-op OPK to my Target OPK.

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