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nattysmum07 09-20-2010 10:29 AM

Is there any hope?
Currently I should be 7wks 3 days but I'm not for sure on the date of conception. BD'd on Aug 8th and 12th got my 1st bfp on Aug 20th. Not sure of O date but I'm guessing somewhere in between the 8th and 12th. Went to the Dr Aug 27th and she said I was about 5wks (even tho I was thinking more like 4), just barely seeing a yolk sac and to come back in 2 weeks. Came back and she said there was def growth, and we both thought we saw a flicker of a hb but couldn't get it back on the screen. She sent me to the ultrasound clinic the following Tuesday so I should've been 6wks 4days but tech said I was 6wks 1day and no hb. She also said the gest sac was misshapen and to expect a miscarriage. She also said I have a pocket of blood right next to/behind the sac but that was was weird b/c both the gest sac and blood sac were exactly the same size and right next to each other. The high risk Dr looked at the pics and said for me to come back in 1 week for another scan to rule see if there is any growth. I then talked to my reg OB who said it's 99.9% a blighted ovum but the sac hasn't grown large enough yet for them to "call it". Why is she calling it a blighted ovum when there is a yolk sac? Do I have any chance if in 4 days I went from 6wks to 6wks 1 day? I don't know what to think! I don't know if I have a tilted uterus either b/c I've read that can hide the baby. I was having some minor cramping off and on for a few days but that has since stopped. I'm still having pg'y symptoms (I know that can happen until you're hcg is almost non existant. I guess I'm grasping at straws here...I appreciate any input and honesty. I go back tomorrow for the next u/s. I think I'm just in denial. :cry:

Kiliki 09-20-2010 10:46 AM

Re: Is there any hope?
I really wish I had some good advice. I have never experienced what you are going through. I couldn't read and not respond. :hugs: Please keep us posted how things go tomorrow. You'll be in my thoughts. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

StaceyS 09-20-2010 11:12 AM

Re: Is there any hope?
I think it's definitely possible, mamma!! 6 weeks is very early to see a hb. ALOT of people won't even catch it by u/s in that 6th week. My OB won't perform u/s's until the 7th week to be certain. I will be praying when you go back in your bean will be there healthy and strong!

Pikemommy 09-20-2010 12:59 PM

Re: Is there any hope?
It sounds like they are not hiding the information from you and being direct. They can be wrong though which is why they keep checking and rechecking until either a baby shows up or they can officially diagnose a blighted ovum.... prayers for you to try and relax and go with the flow until you get some definite anwers. Hopefully at your next scan you see a beautiful little peanut with a nice strong heartbeat, we all know it happens all the time those babies hide or grow a little slower than medicine thinks... praying that's your scenario!

nattysmum07 09-21-2010 07:12 AM

Re: Is there any hope?
no baby, gest sac collapsing, yolk sac up to 7cm & they usually stop at 5cm when placenta takes over. thx girls! :(

avasmom3 09-21-2010 10:05 AM

Re: Is there any hope?
oh mama, I'm so sorry :( :hugs:

lullaby80 09-21-2010 10:42 AM

Re: Is there any hope?
I'm sorry. :(

kissum 09-21-2010 12:24 PM

Re: Is there any hope?

katiecornflakes 09-21-2010 05:50 PM

Re: Is there any hope?
So sorry, mama. :hugs:

Sarahb44 09-21-2010 07:10 PM

Re: Is there any hope?
So sorry :hugs:

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