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Melmonkey 09-26-2010 10:18 PM

Our bumpy road came to an end......Claire Diane is here!!!!!
As you all may know, our journey started 6 years ago, my bumpy road thread is in TTC, and there to give all struggling a hope like no other.

On Sept 20th I had my last BPP and NST, baby was doing fine, I was 40w2d at that point and elated that we would soon have a can't stay pregnant forever! I was then threatened with induction by my OB, he said that if I did not start or go into labor by Wed evening he was inducing, I was scared of induction, terrified that I would be pushed into many interventions and not have the birth I was hoping for after over 6 years of trying.

Wed came, we tried to push induction all day back to Thursday at least in hopes of me going into labor myself.......not happening, there was no way OB was letting me go past 40w5d. So all day Wed, David and I walked , went to a few stores, and then I took a bath trying to see if relaxing would help, well, David came into the bathroom, I was terribly nervous, he sat down on the commode seat and was just about to tell me something, and CRACK! He broke the seat, well that was all I needed, I exploded into laughter and felt much more at ease. I ate a light meal and we headed to the hospital because we felt there was not much more we could do.

All day long I had had tightening in my belly, but after all, those are what braxton hicks are, and that is all that I thought. I asked everyone I knew what a contraction felt like and low and behold everyone said, like a period cramp....well, that was not what I was having, I was having a tightening in my belly......not a cramp.

We got ready to head to the hospital, packed the car, my parents are here from Canada and my mom headed down with us. She and David packed some grapes and apples in case I got hungry, even though you are not supposed to eat anything but ice chips.

We got there, got to my room and I talked to the nurses, told them about all my aprehensions and they said, well, let us just check you and see what is going on, we are not gonna force you to stay here, you have the right to leave at any time, but just let us see what is going on. They checked me, lo and behold, there I was at 4 cm, 80% and 0 station! Bishops score of 9, what the heck, they called the doc and he said well, let her go and see if she progresses. I did it, all on my own! I did not need induction meds! So I labored all night, David and mom by my side encouraging me to keep up the great work. By the time the doc came in I was at 7 and really hurting, I made it to transition....completely med free............The next thing was to break my water, I had not eaten all night, last thing I ate was a bowl of soup at 7 pm the night before, my body was exhausted. There was no more that I could do, OB asked me one more time, are you needing something for the pain, and at that moment I said, yes, make it stop, make it off the nurse ran to get the epi dude and here he came back in to make it stop. David did not leave during the whole process and it was no time and epi was in, and I was finally able to relax enough to get some sleep, because as we all know the big event was on its way, I had to give birth to baby Monkey!

At 10:30 am the nurse came in and said, ok we are ready to start are gonna have a baby before noon today! I pushed and pushed and pushed for what seemed like forever, and at 11:43 am the sweetest most precious drink of water I have ever had in my whole life was delivered into this world. David announced, It's a girl, Honey we have a daughter! OB patiently waited for her cord to quit pulsing and then daddy cut the cord. I tore really bad, so I sent my mom to the nursery with Claire while David stayed with me and they stitched me up, I am still very sore, but I don't care, it had been all worth it, the bumpy road, the battle of infertility and beating infertility, the gestational has all been worth it!

I could not have made it without him or mom........Claire Diane has changed our lives like we never imagined! She is beautiful, pink and all girl, I could not imagine life any other way than to have a little princess as my first born. I am gonna take this baby moon time to knit up a whole lot of skirties and all other girly knits!!!!!!!/...&ref=fbx_album

Here is her album on FB, if you are not friends with me, you can add me, just let me know that you are from DS.

~happy2Bamommy~ 09-26-2010 10:32 PM

Re: Our bumpy road came to an end......Claire Diane is here!!!!!
Shedding happy tears for you!

I know that our struggle with secondary infertility can't possibly compare to the struggle those have when trying for their first. I do know a bit of the pain though.The deep ache.The tears one sheds when alone... I also remember the shock,terror even you might say, when finally getting a BFP and thinking about all the "What If's". Then came the incredible,indescribable joy when I finally held my son after so long of wanting a little one in my arms again. My story is not yours but, reading yours, brought feelings of that great joy flooding back.I can sort of relate without totally relating (makes allota sense huh:giggle:)

I am SOOOO incredibly happy for you and your sweet princess.Spoil her rotten! I have my long awaited on son.It's okay to. They deserve it for taking so long to come into the world and forever change our lives :lostit:

~happy2Bamommy~ 09-26-2010 10:33 PM

Re: Our bumpy road came to an end......Claire Diane is here!!!!!
Oh, I can't get the link to work :cry: I wanna see the little monkey princess!!

Chrijodo 09-27-2010 06:50 AM

Re: Our bumpy road came to an end......Claire Diane is here!!!!!
She is GORGEOUS Mel. I am SO happy for you and David! Congratulations!

Welcome to the world Sweet Claire!

Jenifer 09-27-2010 07:20 AM

Re: Our bumpy road came to an end......Claire Diane is here!!!!!
im SOBBING! i have read your story time after time, i remember you from the very first ATTS threads here, with your SIL as your cheerleader! Congrats! this is the sweetest birth announcement EVER! :hugs: :wub:

Sarahb44 09-27-2010 07:51 AM

Re: Our bumpy road came to an end......Claire Diane is here!!!!!
SOOOOO happy for you. Congrats :wub:

benjaminsmom 09-27-2010 08:21 AM

Re: Our bumpy road came to an end......Claire Diane is here!!!!!
Mel I am so unbelievably happy for you and David right now! Claire is beautiful and precious and I am so happy you got to have the birth you wanted after waiting so patiently for her to get here! Sending lots of love and hugs to you all!

StaceyS 09-27-2010 08:53 AM

Re: Our bumpy road came to an end......Claire Diane is here!!!!!
Wow, Mel!!! I know I said I was proud of you and you did it, but I did not have the details just then. HOLY COW!!!! YOU DID DO IT, GIRL!!! and all on your own!!! :lostit::lostit: :lostit:
I am even so much more proud of you! I didn't think that was possible!!! :giggle2:

You are a rockstar!!! I know you are going to be a fabulous Mom, and it has been such a bittersweet time sharing this long and amazing journey with you! I am honored to call you my friend and can not wait to watch you and Claire grow together! :wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:

Congrats Mel and David, and welcome the the world precious little Claire Diane!

BeastMasterMama 09-27-2010 09:43 AM

Re: Our bumpy road came to an end......Claire Diane is here!!!!!
Congratulations!!!!! I was just thinking about you this morning, wondering if your little one had made an appearance... looks like she has!!! :lostit:
Glad you and baby are doing fine, what an incredible thing it is to give birth! :yay:
So, so happy for you!!
Now, if I could only get to you FB to see pics!!!! :)

*~Melissa~* 09-27-2010 10:18 AM

Re: Our bumpy road came to an end......Claire Diane is here!!!!!
:happycry: Congratulations Mel!!! Claire is completely adorable! :wub:

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