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Kelolsen-and-Padawan 06-01-2006 08:40 PM

Help - prickly heat??? baby has rash (4 months old)
Its getting warmer and warmer in San Diego. Today it was pretty warm. We spent some timein the car today - I drove about 35 minutest to meet a friend for lunch and t hen back. I kept the AC on though. When I went to give Ethan a bath tonight, we noticed a rash on his belly, a little on his side and a little on his neck. His groin area was really red and blotchy. He was wearing a bumGenius w/ a hemp insert wrapped in a mf towel. He was redder in the groin area than on his stomach. I think it may be prickly heat - what do you think? NOthing has changed with him - his doc did give me some Eucerin type cream for his dry cheeks and one patch onhis tummy (excema) but his face is just fine, so it can't be a reaction to the cream. I put him in a light cotton sleeper and have his window cracked so he's nice and cool all night. I'll check it tomorrow and call his doc. However, does this sound like prickly heat? Its red bumps but it seemed to look less red and blotchy after his bath. I just rinsed him w/ warm water and didn't use soap. I'm thinking that I need to keep his groin cooler too -maybe I'll just use the lighter cotton babies inserts and change him more often (heavy wetter) instead of the thicker hemp inserts and that might keep him cooler inside the diaper.

We move soon and its much cooler where we're going, which might bea good thing.

Termie 06-01-2006 11:16 PM

Re: Help - prickly heat??? baby has rash (4 months old)
ds (3mo) had a rash the last couple days on and off. It was like red dots all close together with pink "behind" them. I chalked it up to heat since it was his upper thighs and sometimes just above his penis on his belly. I put him in a fitted (KL) with his fleece cover for a change or two and rubbed in a LIGHT amount of his Aveeno Baby. Usually in 2-3hr it had faded significantly. Even will go away completely overnight.

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