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ExpatMama1990 10-12-2010 10:34 AM

I am searching for a cheap washer & dryer to do us until we've paid off our medical bills and can get the washer & dryer of our dreams :giggle:

We're in OKC & I just need a working washer & dryer that will get my cloth dipes clean & work for clothes. We're using communal washers at the moment & I'm handwashing my dipes (which is kind of putting me off of CD'ing at times...) because the communal washers suck & I don't want to risk my stash getting stolen!

We don't have a huge amount of money to spare (any money will be coming out of the savings account we're paying the medical bills from, but we are DESPERATE for a washer & dryer) but we can pay with cash!!

Please contact me if you have or know anyone who has a washer & dryer they are getting rid of!

Thanks so much!

ExpatMama1990 10-13-2010 01:00 AM

Re: Anyone in Oklahoma City - washer & dryer?
Anyone? I've asked a half dozen people on Craigslist for more info & got no replies :( Would prefer to deal with a Mama on here!!

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