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irelandclover 10-20-2010 02:55 PM

Not interested in toys?
My son is not interested in toys at all. Until yesterday, we bought him the Vulli Gnon teether and he loves it. Its the only toy he has showed any interest in.

I was wondering if any of your babies were like this. He loves mirrors and faces and will interact with people all day. He chatters and babbles ALL day to people but won't play with his toys.

I think part of it may be due to the fact that he won't grab anything. He just keeps his hands balled in a fist and "grabs" things with his his fists pushed together. I have to pry open his hands and place the object in his hand or he won't do it. Most of the time he opens his hand up and just drops the toy. i guess this may be just a small delay but it still worries me, I can't help it :)

Sometimes I think my paranoia over his development is gonna get the best of me one of these days. Its just hard when you have 3 "healthy" children and one that is considered not the "norm".

howmanykids 02-07-2011 06:11 AM

Re: Not interested in toys?
yes! how old is your LO? Maggie is 4 months, and won't grasp anything. she likes to look at toys if you hold them, but otherwise has no interest.

and i totally get youon the milestones being behind!

apo_katie 02-24-2011 11:19 AM

Re: Not interested in toys?
YES! Mary is 4 months today and she won't grasp anything. I have to open her fingers and put the toy in and sometimes she close them and other times she won't. It's frustrating seeing my other friends "termies" hit milestones and Mary is behind. She loves to stand and fusses when you make her sit.

momma4of6 02-24-2011 11:26 AM

Re: Not interested in toys?
My preemie was different in this category. He has been mister grabby graberson since birth; literally. But I am always second guessing his milestones.. He seems later on most things even when I keep his adjusted age in mind...As an example he WOULD NOT eat any solids until this last month (almost 11 months 8 months adjusted).
Oh and he WONT (he can) but he WONT hold his own bottle. The funny thing is; when he was 12 weeks old he was holding his bottle (those really thin, small NICU bottles) perfectly

I truly feel like a first time parent with him, and I have 8 others...

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