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irelandclover 11-02-2010 06:33 AM

New test results..nervous, nervous,nervous
I just need to let my worries out on "paper" and I know you mamas will understand what I am feeling.

We took our son in for some blood tests to rue out a few things and some of the results came in last night and I am really nervous. First of all his blood sugar was low and so was his carbon dioxide levels. The doctor says this nothing to be overly concerned about as we all have "off" days but scheduled us an appt with a pediatric gastroenterologist. He thinks our son could have an inborn metabolic disorder that is not allowing him to gain weight at a normal rate.

I know on my husbands side that all his nieces and nephews are very tiny like my son, until they hit 2 and then they grow like weeds and you would never tell they were tiny. The pedi knows this and now wants us to go in for genetic testing because my husband is Scottish and apparently certain disorders are inherent to that region. When I say Scottish, I mean he has only been in the states a few years and his whole family still lives there. They trace their ancestry back to the vikings...

My DS is very healthy , never sick and is on par with other kids his age. Just very small. Maybe I am still in the denial stage that something could be wrong with him. Its very hard for me to accept that after three "normal" pregnancies and 3 healthy kids that my last lil one could be sick.

Its really tearing me up inside just to write this..... I will come back and write more when I can pull my thoughts together.

Thanks for letting me get it out :hugs:

howmanykids 11-02-2010 08:35 AM

Re: New test results..nervous, nervous,nervous
:hugs: !!! It never hurts to get everything checked out. Its always hard when your kid faces possible obstacles. Wish i could help in some way, but hang in there, and keep us posted!

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