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gooseysmom 04-25-2006 12:09 PM

How do I......?

I never got around to doing this on the old site so I need to know's prolly super easy.....and my brain just isn't working..

How do I link my feedback from other sites like I've seen others do in posts????

SO all someone has to do is click on it to see?????

Thanks mamas!!!

Samantha 04-25-2006 12:44 PM

Re: How do I......?
Go to this link

find your feedback on the board...copy the URL and go to the little earth icon with the chain above (right below the smiley face drop down) and put the URL in there. When you press OK it types it out and there is a highlighted part. Type over they highlighted area(which will delete whats there) what you want it to say on the board

Like this <URL=""></URL>

The part I put in BOLD is the part that will apear on the board. Also, I changed all the [ and ] to < and> so it would appear and you could see it

Am I making any sense LOL? I know what I am doing....just not explaining it well. You can also look up BBL (bulletin board language I believe) section in the FAQs it might explain it better :p

MamaJo 04-25-2006 12:49 PM

Re: How do I......?
The link for BBCode is kind of hidden, you have to search the FAQs for it. But here it is...

Bare Bottom Gear 04-25-2006 12:53 PM

Re: How do I......?
Go find the website where you have your feedback, go to that page, copy the link in the address bar when on the actual feedback page. Come back here and click on "USER CP" at the top.

On the left side of the User CP there is a list of different links. Find EDIT SIGNATURE and click it. Once you are on the siggy page paste your feedback link into the siggy box and click save.

If you want just the words "MY DS FEEDBACK" or "EBAY FEEDBACK" to appear and not the entire link do this in your siggy box:

You still need to copy your link from the website but before pasting it in the siggy box type this in:


Please take the spaces out between the l and = sign at the beginning of that and also at the end between the [ and the /.


gooseysmom 04-28-2006 06:35 PM

Re: How do I......?

I forgot to check back bc I haven't been online much since I posted...

I figured it out...I did it the lazy way bc I did something kooky when I tried it the other way....Clicked on Jodi's link, found it and just copied and pasted it and then pasted in my links where the DS link was....hehehe


gooseysmom 04-28-2006 06:42 PM

Re: How do I......?
ok, now why isn't it (siggy) showing up????

MamaJo 04-28-2006 06:46 PM

Re: How do I......?
Check the profile options to make sure that its set to view sigs and that your sig automatically shows up ;)

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