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sbdf13 01-07-2011 11:35 PM

BF and working
Is it possible?
DS is 8 months and eats pretty much every 2 hours he went 4 hours once last week :lostit: lol.
I have an interview next week and the job would 9-5 twice a week. The owner said I could take breaks to feed him and my husband is willing to bring him. Sounds great the only problem is he screams his lungs out when hes hungry, its heart wrenching . Could he possibly be STARVING after 2 or 3 hours? I have been suffering from thrush for 5ish months now so pumping is a no. He doesn't eat any food, suggestions for that? we have been trying BLW but he doesn't like anything yet

cupcakewright 01-07-2011 11:44 PM

Re: BF and working
Some of my babies wanted to nurse that often at 8 months when we were home messing around but if we were out shopping or with friends or church or whatever they would go a bit longer. He might go a bit longer if he is with Dh and do just fine unti lhe can get to you. only trying it will tell, could you take the job on a trial basis, and see how it goes?

brewanothercup 01-08-2011 06:24 AM

Re: BF and working
It is totally possible. I think babies tend to want to eat more frequently when with mom than apart. DS is 7 mo old and I had the last 2 weeks off with him - he ate about every two hours. At daycare, he has 3 or 4 bottles over 9 hours and is perfectly fine. Like someone else said, when we're out and about he eats less frequently, too. It would be great if your hubby can bring him to you to feed, too!

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