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riandkymommy 04-25-2006 11:47 AM

I have a biter!! How to stop it??
My almost 8 month old has started biting while she is nursing and it really hurts!! How can I discourage it? I have been taking her off everytime she bites so she sees it is not a good thing, but is there anything else?? My DS nursed until 13 months and never bit me, so this is all new to me and so not fun!!!

Any advice??

DEmomof2 04-25-2006 12:17 PM

Re: I have a biter!! How to stop it??
When DD got her first 2 teeth (about 3 weeks ago) she started biting right as she latched on. I said "no" firmly and then said "don't bite mommy". She's almost 8 months old. She did it maybe 6 or 8 times and then stopped. I'm not sure if she was just testing out her new teeth or what. Maybe your baby is just testing out new teeth too? I hope it stops soon!

I just noticed that our DDs have very close bdays. :)

itsmelanie 04-25-2006 01:40 PM

Re: I have a biter!! How to stop it??
Oh wow, my Brendan is right in the middle of your DD's, he's 8/28! :) He is biting a lot too, guess he figures that since he has four teeth he may as well use them. :-/ All I do is pull him in really close and he will let go. It stops him for a minute, but he's likely to just bite again as soon as I put him back on.

I wish I had some advice. There's another thread about this, I'll be watching both ...

May the biting pass SOON!

meemo96 04-25-2006 02:40 PM

Re: I have a biter!! How to stop it??
My dd has been biting a lot, too. i've said "NO" to her firmly, and she cries. After a while, it seems like she understood what she was doing is wrong. That doesn't mean that she doesn't bite anymore, but it has gotten better. I would love advice on this, too! Probably just keep saying no...I've also stopped nursing immediately after she bit, which made her mad, but it seems like it made her understand (the cause/effect thing...).

agyrlmom 05-02-2006 11:05 AM

Re: I have a biter!! How to stop it??
When my little ones would try out there new teeth, I would push there face INTO my boob so they would let go on their own. They will let go as soon as they cant breath through thier nose. And you arent yanking your poor boob out of a strong jaw. It sounded really harsh when I first heard of this, but I didnt want to scare them by shouting and some babies will think your reaction is funny.

This really works well, also when they get older and start to dose off they would sometimes clench down, I would do this instead of startling them back awake.

meijiao 11-02-2013 01:29 AM

Re: I have a biter!! How to stop it??
My DS has had 2 periods of biting with his rounds of teething, and it really hurts! The first time he started biting, I would unlatch him and say "No", but then he would giggle like I was doing something funny, and then want to nurse again - or bite again.
Now with this second round of teething, which hurts a lot more, I'm so startled I yank him off and he starts crying immediately. I put him back on, but have a finger ready to unlatch and am so fearful of him biting again.

I've heard of pressing the baby inwards, but I guess my instinct is to pull away, because it is always so unexpected. I notice he does it when I am not paying attention to him, or when he is done eating, but it is hard to predict.
This round has stopped - thank goodness, but I fear the next round of teething.

abunchoflemons 11-02-2013 02:05 AM

Re: I have a biter!! How to stop it??
push in to have them let go and set down so they know that they don't get milk when they bit you.

ktmelody 11-02-2013 03:22 AM

Immediately pull-down on her chin, set her on the floor and say "no biting"

Give her a few minutes then try again. Repeat if she bites again.
I have had 2 that tried to bite while nursing. I did the above once and they never tried biting again.

junvwekt 11-02-2013 07:19 AM

Re: I have a biter!! How to stop it??
I think my over-reactions to the pain/surprise (yelping and saying "ouch" quite loudly) scared him away from doing it, for the most part. But each time he gets some new teeth, he tries to start biting again. I think it's because his mouth hurts--chewing on things seems to help, so he naturally tries to chew on ME. :\

lemon.extract 11-02-2013 02:21 PM

Re: I have a biter!! How to stop it??
At first i tapped my LOs cheek and said no but that didnt make a difference. Now I flick her cheek and i only had to do that 3 or 4 times and she stopped. It made her cry which was sad but ya know it hurts to be bit!

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