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retromamma 02-07-2011 10:15 AM

?s about maternity compression hosiery?
Not sure if this is OT, but since it's pregnancy related, thought I'd try here first.

Attention Mamas! who wore/wear maternity compression stockings!

Do you have a favorite brand? A compression level preference for events such as flying? What about sizing? Do you recommend going up if you're borderline? Are all maternity belly stocking pouches created equal?

My concerns are price, fit of my tummy [band stays up over the 6mo belly], effectiveness of the compression [20mmhg]. I don't care about color, thickness or brands that tend to run/get holes if they function fine [to be worn under clothes on airplane]. I did not have this need with DS#1, so I feel like a newbie who should know better.:headscratch:

I need to have support and comfort on our plane trip, but we can't spend $50+ on a pair I will wear twice [flight out, return flight]. Motherhood maternity has super cheap ones [~$7], but they have bad reviews and are light compression. I'm now weighing 183 [at 5'8"] so most brands I see put me in theE/F or Queen range, which is fine [they're only letters] but considering I was a large a few months ago, it makes me feel like I'm measuring wrong.

Please spam with me your thoughts so I can make an informed purchase! Thanks mamas!

jessc82 02-07-2011 02:41 PM

Re: ?s about maternity compression hosiery?
When I was pregnant with DS1 and still teaching, I wore the motherhood ones almost everyday. They really did help with my swelling since I was on my feet most of the day. I loved how they made my legs feel, and I wore them right up to delivery with no problems falling down.

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