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LilyMama6 02-12-2011 02:34 PM

How many children?
I was just wanting to hear from other mamas how they decided how many children to have when they were family planning. I know not all little angels are "planned" but I just mean in general.

If you had 2 and said "no more" what was your reasoning. The same if you have 6.

What are your takes on being able to help/pay for college? Sharing rooms? All those things you think of when you think of adding to your family.

I'm asking because it's something my husband and I have been talking about as we just welcomed DD #2 and know we'd like more, just not sure how many more (should we be so blessed).

Janine 02-12-2011 02:38 PM

I wanted two. I practice and believe in ZPG. That was my primary reason, but I also feel that life as a family of 4 is very manageable. It affords me enough time and money for each of my kids.

ETA: we plan on each child having their own room. We also plan on paying college tuition and books. We might also help with other expenses, but they will likely pay for room and board with grants, loans, or paychecks.

jillybeans 02-12-2011 02:41 PM

Re: How many children?
I've always wanted four. We had our three girls, and dd3's birth/first six months was a nightmare. (35 weeks, 2 weeks in NICU, severe colic, etc) so we were "done". lol, until this fall when she turned one. :) We decided to add one more, because we felt there was "someone missing" and finally we feel complete! When this little guy is born I really feel I won't have those urges for more.

As for room depends on the kid for us. Oldest dd is one that really shouldn't share a room: she NEEDS that alone time. The younger two girls share a room and love it! This new baby will be in a room by itself, unless we have foster kiddos, then he'll share.

As far as college goes, we're of the mindset that we will help, but not provide all. I didn't get any help at all and we did just fine. :)

Qbit 02-12-2011 02:44 PM

Re: How many children?
We wanted one from the start and that's what we have and we're pretty certain that's all we want. Basically, it just feels right to both DH and I. Sometimes we joke about having another baby but we always laugh at it and say, "yeah right!" We don't have much money so that's definitely another factor to consider. But even if we had more money I don't think that would change our minds.
Maybe you don't know how many more children you want right now but I think that you'll just know when it feels right. Maybe when #3 comes along it'll just click for you guys and you'll say, "yup, this is it! This feels perfect!"
Maybe not. Maybe it won't feel complete until you've had your 4th or 5th. I think you should just trust that you'll know when you know:)

Toothlesswonder 02-12-2011 03:02 PM

Re: How many children?
When i was a child i always imagined i'd have a huge family. I'm the youngest of eight, so it made sense.

When C&B were born, we tried several times (IVF) to have another child. That wasn't to be, so we settled with our boy and made the best of it. Surprisingly i found myself pregnant with MissB and when she was born that was it.

Then MrT came along and i was adamant that was it. Manshape went on the list for a vasectomy. Then when MrT was born i changed my mind completely. We're now actively TTC another child!

pcjs 02-12-2011 03:03 PM

Re: How many children?
I wanted 1-2. We had a horrible time adopting so I'm not sure if we will do about #2. I would like one more maybe. :) Its just the adoption process holding us back - we just had bad luck till we met our son's birthparents (and even with them we ended up with a bad attorney).

My husband said no more after 3 and hee hee... we have our darling son...(he literally said no more and did something about it). He's madly in love and an amazing father all over again (and I knew what I was getting when I married him and it was great to have a dad who knew what he was doing).

College very very much worries us with having two. My parents paid for my college & graduate school with help from grandparents. My husband didn't have the opportunity and went into the air force and married right away... he later got his bachelors. He really wanted his degree and had to hold off as his ex-was not supportive and he had to work 2-3 jobs (but he did it). His degree has really helped him/us and given us a good life so both of us are very strong on education for different reasons and very much value it. We very much want to help our son/children as much as possible. We are doing the prepaid and hope to save more once that is done (our logic was at least if something happens he will have something and then we don't have to worry about tuition but I'd like him to live on campus/have the full college experience that I had/husband didn't.).

We have a 3 bedroom house, small but there is room for one more. The room is empty as we are DIYing the house and keep bouncing rooms so there is room for another one if we decide to go for it (college worries us, how much we'd spend for adoption worries as none of it really went for our actual adoption so how do we do it again this time and we worry about can we get great birthparents in a very open adoption again - love open adoption....)... so we are in the undecided camp. But, my son has 4 siblings so its not like he's alone in the world. He has three much older from my husband (26, 25, and 20) and his brother who is with his birthparents (2 1/2) who he sees as often as we can get together (I get some strange looks when I say he has 4 siblings and the ranges and where they are....but its all good).

Also, my husband worries about age & retirement, which is a reasonable concern. :) (But, its a good thing I didn't listen or care with #1 and he'll support me if I go for #2 - he may grumble a little but when that baby is in his arms he'll go into dad mode with a smile on his face no matter how tired he is).

VinhThiMom 02-12-2011 03:17 PM

Re: How many children?
We wanted four. Then we had two. They're a lot of work and my hands are full. I'm very content with the two we have. I have no desire to ever have more kids.

tallanvor 02-12-2011 03:27 PM

Re: How many children?
I don't know that we ever really talked about a certain number. Our oldest wasn't planned and after her I said let's have another and DH was okay with that. Well, after DS was born, DH said he didn't want anymore. Well, I wanted another. It was just such a great longing. Prayed about it and DH agreed to a third. After she was born, I was content. Happy with 3, happy with more, didn't really have a preference. DH was adamant about no more. So, more praying, and we decided no more.

Our girls share a room because DH and I wanted a room where we could close off some things (reloading equipment and artsy crafty stuff). We do not plan on paying for them to go to college. We see no reason why they can't strive for scholarships and apply for grants, and earn their own way. I am not saying we won't help out at all, but we have no plans to pay for tuition or boarding or whatever. We are not buying them their first cars, either.

swingkid1975 02-12-2011 03:42 PM

Re: How many children?
Our DD is 16 months old, and we're done. I think a pp was right when she said you'll know when you're done. I never in a million years would have imagined that I'd be a mom of an only child, but when she was born it was literally like a switch was flipped in my brain.

There are many practical deciding factors for us in addition to the emotional feelings of being done with one. We're comfortably financially and I don't want to be scraping by if we had a 2nd. It's very important to me that my child be able to go to college, if she so chooses, and I intend to pay for it so she's not required to have to work her way through school. Emotionally and physically I don't know that I'd be able to deal with a toddler and a newborn. I like the ability when she gets older to provide her more possibilities in terms of getting to do extracurriculars and go on family vacations. And I love the fact that she gets so much individual attention from DH and I.

threestraycats 02-12-2011 03:42 PM

Re: How many children?
I have always wanted 6:)

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