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MyKzooFamily 02-14-2011 08:26 AM

So Apparently I tore my Pelvic Muscles!!!
Uhhhhhh..... :cry: .... painful.

During this pregnancy there have been a few times where right between my legs was sore. It was hard to walk around, and if I kicked anything.. ouch. My pelvic bone and the ligaments to the sides really were sore and hurt. And I had to sit for a while. But that only hurt a handful of times.

Well, last night I was holding my pregnant cat, and trying to gently kick the dog away... and SNAP CRACKLE POP!!! My whole pelvis area cracked. It didn't hurt, though, so I went to take a step.. YOW! Couldn't move. I could go up and down, but no moving my legs or taking a step.

And I'm still that way today. I called my MW last night, and she said I probably tore the muscles around my pelvis. :( DH had to lift me into bed super slowly (ouch) and to get to the bathroom I have to use our computer chair like a wheel chair. I can't walk or do anything. Looks like bedrest for me until I'm better. :( Hubby's little sister that is 16 is coming to stay with us this whole week since I can't do anything for my DS (or myself most times).

I can't believe this happened to me at 30 weeks pregnant!! Hopefully it heals and I can take it easy. I just can't stand it taking 10 mins to get from the bed to the bathroom. And I had to wake DH up a couple times so I could get more comfortable in bed. Nothing like not being able to turn over or move my legs. :(

Has anyone else had this? I'm not sure how long it takes muscles or ligaments to heal. But she referrred me to a chiropractor that is great with prenatal care, and I'm supposed to try and make it in to see her today or tomorrow.


Ola_ 02-14-2011 12:18 PM

Re: So Apparently I tore my Pelvic Muscles!!!
Yeouch! I've got pain from my pubic symphysis loosening which makes every step and move in bed painful, but I can only imagine how you feel. I hope you heal really really quickly!

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