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alybeth 02-14-2011 03:19 PM

omega 3 for prenatal depression
I know there have been a few threads in the past on this subject, but I was just curious what particular omega 3 other mamas have found to be helpful in helping them through prenatal depression? I have finally allowed myself to admit that this is what I am dealing with, and am waiting a call back from my midwife for their advice as well. I wold REALLY like to avoid any type of antidepressant meds if I can find something else that will help, but for the sake of my family really need to find something that will help me. Thanks!

Leah52 02-14-2011 04:43 PM

Re: omega 3 for prenatal depression
My midwife suggests fish oil, preferably cod liver oil. I never could do the liquid while I was pregnant so I use the capsules.

hadfield531 02-14-2011 05:01 PM

Re: omega 3 for prenatal depression
KRILL OIL!!!!!!! Hands down. This is coming from a mama who's experienced severe PPD with 3 kids, as well as PTSD. They tried anti-depressants with me for years, and they only made me gain 50 pounds (and therefore more depressed), and made me super impulsive, and made me scared of the person they made me become. I decided enough was ENOUGH, and I took matters into my own hands. 5,000 IU's of vitamin D (get your levels checked after taking that much for awhile...they should be at 60ng/ml), Krill Oil (I get the MegaRed from Sam' bang for your buck), HEALTHy food choices (stick to as close to whole foods as possible...avoid refined sugars), and at least 20 minutes of mild exercise a day. It sounds like a lot of work, but the results are WORTH IT. Just had baby number 4 5.5 months ago, and I'm doing GREAT. I've actually had several people recently approach me (that knew me during my darker years) and tell me how happy I look. Some days I feel like slacking on my routine, but then I remember how deep that depression was, and I decide I'd rather inconvenience myself a bit than go through that ever again. So as far as Omega 3's go--KRILL OIL!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs mama!

alybeth 02-14-2011 05:17 PM

Re: omega 3 for prenatal depression
Thanks for your responses. I did add 5,000 iu of vit d about two weeks ago, and right now i've been getting 1 hr of exercise 3x a week, and have been thinking that I need to make sure I get at least a little on my off gym days. Normally I do eat pretty healthy and whole foods, but these past couple weeks (since I have gotten to be so far from my normal self) I have been eating so much more junk much less of what I should be. I know that is only contributing to my issues, so have been working on that. Again, thanks for you advice. =)

miraclebaby 02-14-2011 07:24 PM

Re: omega 3 for prenatal depression
I take both Vit D and Fish oil and stayed extremely active. It helped alot!

Ten 02-14-2011 07:36 PM

Re: omega 3 for prenatal depression
I've tried fish oil for SAD, but it never helped. I know it does for some people, though - so hope you're one of them!

If you're at all seasonally affected, I'd suggest one of those full-spectrum light bulbs - or getting out in the sunshine a bit every day. Even sitting in a window can help.

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