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3 ladybugs 02-14-2011 02:42 PM

Rainbow playset question...
If you have one, how did you decide on how tall to have the platform? We went and looked at them on Saturday and we decided what we wanted but we are not sure how high the platform should be. :headscratch:

We are still looking at our options and waiting on the catalog from Cedarworks, but what I figured is we would choose one from each company then make our decision. :)

Either of them we would add a tic tac toe board and a extended bubble rail panel. :headscratch: Price difference isn't that bad (about $500).

nakedbabytoes 02-14-2011 05:34 PM

Re: Rainbow playset question...
Well, we don't have a Rainbow(couldn't get a tube slide with the system in our price range, my 9yo's only request!) but we decided based on how tall kids "normally" are and not get anything under 5ft. Which I believe all their systems start at 5ft anyways for platform height.
I guess you need to decide what the underneath will be for. We needed ours to be able to fit a plastic playhouse underneath(I know some systems come with tire swings underneath, so you gotta think clearance height), along with a taller plastic climber for my littles who can't get up into ours yet(like 18 months and under since I do daycare).
So we went with 2 6ft towers with a 10ft tower in the middle(3 total tower system).

There is no single RIGHT answer, only what works for you.

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