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cara9 02-16-2011 10:02 AM

FSOT transaction (not DS) question
So, I purchased a diaper from a seller on Fluff Swappers (FB page) and the diapers elastic is completely relaxed after one VERY LIGHT wear. I have to assumed this was pre-existing since I did absolutely nothing wrong to cause this problem and my daughter only wore the diaper once.

Now the seller is saying she will TRADE me a diaper I don't want because she has no Paypal $ in her account. She said I could also return it and she will essentially decide if she will give me a refund. I feel like both of these options are fishy and I strictly want a refund. She is taking longer times to respond to me and my time to submit a paypal dispute is running out. Last thing that happened was she said she feels like she shouldn't "suffer" because the diaper doesnt fit (she doesn't beleive that the elastic is relaxed and thinks I just know nothing about sizing) so I sent her a photo and still have not heard back.

How should I proceed from here?

5PrincessMommy 02-16-2011 10:04 AM

Re: FSOT transaction (not DS) question
I'd go ahead and file with PP. You can always cancel it if she works it out with you.

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