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anne1140 03-13-2011 11:35 AM

Burning skin?
I looked all over Google and couldn't find anything. Has anyone had knee pain where it feels like your skin is burning during pregnancy? I'm 31 weeks along, and this has been going on for a week or two. I'll forget about it, but as soon as I kneel down for any reason, I get this searing pain like someone is burning the skin on my knee. Kind of like rug burn. There is no sign of a bruise (doesn't quite feel like one, anyway), and the area doesn't really look swollen to me. It's not the joint, just the skin.

I have been having some trouble with sciatica and RLS. I'm not sure if they may be related, but I thought I'd mention it, anyway. I'm not swelling anywhere else except my vagina (tmi).

I plan on asking my doctor next week at my appt., but I have a feeling she won't be helpful, as she really hasn't been for this kind of stuff.

staceyroo77 03-13-2011 02:25 PM

Re: Burning skin?
I've had skin pain before, it feels like a burn or a cut to the touch, but there is nothing there. It wasn't just one spot though, it would go away after a few days and then come back somewhere else a few days later. I googled and couldn't find anything about skin pain. I went to my PCP and I had some labs done, and an MRI. We found that I had hypothyroidism. I would suggest asking your doctor to check your thyroid levels. I've never heard of this a symptom of hypothyroid, but apparently it was a symptom for me. As soon as I started on Synthroid the skin pain went away, and it only came back months later when I needed to increase my Synthroid.

ETA--This all happened just after (a couple weeks after) DD#3 was born. I also have sciatic and RLS during pregnancy.

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