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graceworks 04-05-2011 09:03 AM

anyone else "reluctantly avoiding"?
My daughter just turned 6 months. Ever since she was about 3 months I have been wanting another baby soooooo bad. I think about it so much and I really miss being pregnant and my daughter is just growing up too fast. I breastfeed though it and it is SUPER important to me to keep breastfeeding as long as possible and I've read pregnancy can make milk dry up so I don't want to risk that.

So I'm avoiding pregnancy but not too happy about it. I know time will fly and soon my DD won't need to nurse as much and I get try to get pregnant but still its hard to wait and hard to be motivated to chart, use protection, etc when deep in my heart I really want to get pregnant.

Any others feeling like me?

nceveritt 04-05-2011 10:10 AM

Re: anyone else "reluctantly avoiding"?
That's how we wound up with our #2... :hugegrin:

Leiiki 04-05-2011 10:28 AM

I was feeling that, and what helped was really talking things out with DH. We made a clear plan for #2 (&#3+ :blush: ) and I feel much better now. The urge is still there, but having an exact timeline allows me to live in the moment with DD.

Liadan23 04-05-2011 10:34 AM

Re: anyone else "reluctantly avoiding"?
yup. i've been reluctantly avoiding for over a year, ever since my ds was about 4 months old. we've got at least another 6 months before the dr will give me the go ahead to ttc :( i'm fairly unhappy about it. i know 6 months isn't long. but it's way way farther apart than i ever wanted my kids to be. but it's all good, we're making the best of it and trying to focus on our upcoming move a bit to make the time go faster. and meanwhile, i'm going to try and focus on having lots of quality time with ds to make up for all the time he'll miss out on once there's a nb around demanding my attention :p

mommyria2 04-06-2011 02:00 PM

I feel exactly the same way as you and my ds is about the same age as yours. I really miss being pregnant and I want my kids to be close in age. We had talked about five yrs between but that went out the window around 3mo pp. Dh I think would be happy with only one but not me. I just want to wait long enough so that I can change my insurance plan before the baby would be born. :) I also want to bf my ds as long as possible.
I'm on bc now but I'm not totally great about taking it. My plan is that when I'm ready I'll tell dh I'm not taking bc and let him decide to use a condom or not. I got pg with ds the first time wo protection so.....

stevensmom 04-06-2011 02:03 PM

Re: anyone else "reluctantly avoiding"?
I am...but dh is adamit that there will be no more :( I think I might be able to convince him in a year or so

NewbieSAHM 04-06-2011 03:08 PM

Re: anyone else "reluctantly avoiding"?
Us. DH just isn't ready. The reason is ever changing. Leiiki, you got me feeling inspired to insist to DH that we develop a concrete plan. DS just turned 3 and I have missed being pregnant ever since he was born. I'm so ready. And it doesn't help that my two best friends both had babies within the past 2 weeks!

psylion 04-06-2011 03:15 PM

I am a reluctant avoided here. I want another baby pretty desperately. DH lost his job though so we are living off of my income only right now. Also DH doesn't want to have another baby until I finish off my PhD that I have been working on (or not really working on) FOREVER. Who has the energy to work on a dissertation after working all day then coming home and taking care of a 3 year old? Long story short I am avoiding but I want to be TTC.

bigmamakelsey 04-06-2011 03:40 PM

Re: anyone else "reluctantly avoiding"?
Yep, right here. I'm getting baby fever. I want another (and would be so happy if I did get pregnant - we're just using the withdrawl method) but a part of me knows we need to wait it out a bit,too. DH said whenever we buy a house (we are set up and ready to go, we're just shopping now!) he is ready to TTC. I'd like to get a house as well, and get set up and comfy with my new job. It'll probably be 6 months - 1 year before we realistically should TTC.

Adorkable Ellyn 04-06-2011 03:51 PM

Re: anyone else "reluctantly avoiding"?
I'm kind of reluctant. Not so much in the way you are but DH and I are at obvious forks in the road about another baby.
We love our monster to death but a) we can't afford another one right now with bills piling up and b) he got the little boy he wanted so now he doesn't want another. :eyes:

Not really fair to me. He has all sisters, and I have 9 brothers and I'm the only girl. I want a little girl so so bad! Not right now, but I'm really starting to think about what it would be like to have another tiny smushy newborn in the house

So we at least agreed when DS is out of diapers then we'll revisit the idea of having another one. ugh. I hope he's an early trainer!

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