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Colorwithwords 04-09-2011 08:56 PM

Woven wraps?

I've really enjoyed wearing my baby girl in her sleepy wrap when she was smaller. She's now 24ish lbs and 8 months. When I put her in it now, she *can* go in it, but for it not to be too saggy, it has to be super tight on me! I feel like an elephant is off my chest when I take her off. I was thinking a woven wrap would have less give (right?).

Is my assumption correct? At what point do you switch to a woven wrap? And... what's the best woven wraps? I've seen tons of stretchy wraps but not woven wraps!

ananas19 04-09-2011 09:39 PM

Re: Woven wraps?
I've never used a stretchy wrap, but have a few wovens. There are varying levels (depending on brand and fiber content) of thickness and tightness. For the most part, if you wrap properly, there won't be any sagging, and can be quite comfortable. From what I have heard they are far more supportive than any stretchy wraps on the market.

Good luck!

KristieW 04-09-2011 09:40 PM

Re: Woven wraps?
I'll let one of the more wrapper-type people chime in, but yes, she's DEFINITELY too big for a stretchy. They may be weight-tested to 35lbs, but I don't know anyone who's successfully used it that long. :giggle:

We LOVE our Girasol wraps, but others will have more thoughts. :)

SilverDewdrops 04-09-2011 10:02 PM

Re: Woven wraps?
Stretchy wraps (with the exception of the Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Stretch GMBBS) really only remain un-saggy and comfortable until about 15-18 lbs. I've had Girasol and Didymos come through my house both 100% cotton and cotton linen blend. I find that I love the support of my Didymos thin linen blends the best, but each person is different. The thin linen can get diggy on the shoulders if not laying just right. A Girasol was my first wrap though and it was so soft and blankety. Other brands are Neobulle, Storchenweige, BBSlen, Hoppediz and a few others that I'm sure I'm forgetting right now.

If you buy new some brands/weaves are easier to break in than others. Storch for example can be a bear to break in where some Girasols are soft and floppy right out of the pacakge. If you pick up one used some if not all of the breaking in is already done.

It really is trial and error on which wrap you will end up liking. The advantage is that you can re-sell or trade if you don't like what you have. Most people can do just fine with a 4.6m wrap. I'm smaller so I can do any carry with a 4.2m and fluffier mamas find they prefer a 5.2m.

Colorwithwords 04-10-2011 10:27 AM

Re: Woven wraps?
Thanks mamas! I am going to research (ie drool over) those suggestions!

Any suggestions for a cool woven wrap material? I live in Florida and it's turning into summer!

Harmony96 04-12-2011 09:50 AM

Re: Woven wraps?

Originally Posted by Colorwithwords (Post 12701188)
Thanks mamas! I am going to research (ie drool over) those suggestions!

Any suggestions for a cool woven wrap material? I live in Florida and it's turning into summer!

A linen blend will probably be cooler for you than an all-cotton. I'm in North Texas so I understand heat (although today is quite nice, lol). Also, think about getting a shorter wrap so you can do single-layer carries like a hip carry, a rebozo or a ruck, rather than carries where multiple layers of the wrap are wrapped around and around the both of you, thus making a nice insulating blanket.

grazy101 04-13-2011 05:23 PM

Re: Woven wraps?
Bali breeze might work for you

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