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MamaMel 06-06-2006 09:29 AM

What do you have in your bed? As far as blankets and pillows. Also how to you keep DC from falling of the bed. Right now I have our side car co sleeper thingy (which was a waste of money) attached to the bed and that keeps her from rolling off.

Also DD will not nap in her crib but will in our bed. Do any of you nurse your child to nap in your bed then leave? I always get worried

toryandrew 06-06-2006 09:47 AM

Re: Co-sleepers
We have an Arm's Reach on the side that I knew my kids would never sleep in but it is a safer alternative to a guard or pushing the bed against the wall.

We've always co-slept with balnkets and pillows, I know you are not supposed to but we live in Maine so everyone has gotta be under the covers. We keep the baby away from the pillows.

For nap time I nurse him down and leave. We don't even have a crib and lately, DS has been jumping off the King-size bed, and yes getting hurt, during nap time so..... :popcorn: on that one.

Jemgirl 06-06-2006 09:50 AM

Re: Co-sleepers
when he was little we had him in one of those cosleeping little beds that go in between us in our bed.......but i broke down a few weeks ago and bought a humanity bed. i'm really glad i did........dh doesn't complain anymore cause i'm next to him, and baby still w/ me

mama23boys 06-06-2006 09:54 AM

Re: Co-sleepers
for us we started with a bassinet and then when he woke up he came to bed with us. napping he usually sleeps on the couch LOL

since he has now grown out the bassinet i bought a crib and i have that shoved up against the wall and our bed right nxt to it. there was gap between the crib matteress and our bed but i fixed it by shoving the crib matteress into ours and putting a blanket in the gap that was created between crib and wall.

now i'm totally sure i like this set-up bc its a PITA trying to get him into bed at night and i dont even have him sleep in it during the day! in a bit i will get a pic and show you what i did...

jaseyandmallorysmommy 06-06-2006 09:56 AM

Re: Co-sleepers
We have a twin and king bed pushed together and neither of the children have their "own" bed and never have. This works great for us. Everyone has their own blanket. The three year old sleeps in between dad and I and my 20 month old sleeps in between me and a bed rail. I have tried many bed rails with her and the one I like best is like this: and the one at the foot of the bed is like this:

They do nap alone in there. When my son was a baby believe it or not he never rolled or fell out of bed. I would just put pillows all around him and he was fine no rails etc. My daughter is a different story. That girl could fall off the floor! Anyway the above rails have worked so far.

Good luck and follow your heart.

~neither of the above auctions are mine btw.

MamaMel 06-06-2006 09:57 AM

Re: Co-sleepers
Awesome! Ya we have an arm's reach co-sleeper too. Right now her crib is being used as her changing table (hey I gotta get my money out of it somehow right?) But I'd love to here more ideas. Shes starting to roll and I'm getting scared

mama23boys 06-06-2006 11:14 AM

Re: Co-sleepers\

thats how we do it! like i said its a PITA

ChurchPunkMom 06-06-2006 11:32 AM

Re: Co-sleepers
We start out with a cradle or bassinet on my side of the bed (against the bed). Baby mostly sleeps in our bed (accept when going to bed for the night, sleeps first shift in cradle). During the night baby sleeps in my arms or right next to me. If they get real wiggly, I put them between dh and I. My dd recently outgrew her cradle (was getting her arms and legs stuck out the sides and it was waking her up) and also started rolling over and rolling off the bed when I'd lay her there for naps. So we got a new crib for her. Her crib is set up on my side of the bed. She starts the night in the crib and then joins us in bed when she wakes to nurse. She takes her naps in the crib. Sometimes I put her back in the crib during the night - lately I have been because we have thrush and it's painful to have her in hitting distance (she sometimes waves her arms around and smacks my nipples). We have pillows and blankets and all that. When a baby sleeps close to your body they can more easily regulate their breathing by hearing and feeling yours.

hippydippymama 06-06-2006 11:42 AM

Re: Co-sleepers
We have our mattress on the floor, so if DS gets too close to the edge he doesn't have far to fall. Before, we had one side of the bed against the wall and a rail on the other side. We also did the "sidecar" thing with the crib, but he usually wound up rolling into our bed anyway! :mrgreen:

doberbrat 06-08-2006 11:15 AM

Re: Co-sleepers
Its been an evolution for us. When she was teeny tiny, she slept in a bassinet pushed against our bed. Then she slept on my chest and then alternating between dh an the outer edge . I put 2 big dog beds against our bed figuring if she fell, she’d have a soft landing.
Now that she’s bigger and I can nurse sidelying from both sides, she sleeps on the outer edge only and I put a bedrail up. I don’t have a boxspring just the mattress on a platform so there’s no space between the bedrail and the mattress (nor can I flip the bedrail out!)

The sheet and blanket (knit with holes) are placed so they JUST reach her side and up to her chest. The comforter is put so it doesn’t reach her at all. And she sleeps on a towel ‘just in case’

Also in our full-sized bed is DH and 2 (sometimes 3) dogs. Everyone has an assigned spot and lays on their sides (I put dd down on her back but she usually rolls over to her side to nurse). Its cozy but it works for us.

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