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dill_partyof7 05-03-2011 05:19 PM

Yay! He came before his induction date (Long story)
Here's the story of my Zachary Isaiah born May 1, 2011 at 7 lbs. 9.oz. He was set to be induced on May 2nd.

I journaled my labor as I went along. Here are snippets from what I wrote:

"So about 1:30ish I have a contraction that is way different. It is not the sharp dagger pain its a deep cervical dull dagger pain. And it hurts worse than expected. Minutes later (about 1:37) I feel another one and am surprised at the deepness and the pain of it though it is crampy sharp in my lower abdomen- again more back and cervix focused. I go to the bathroom and wipe and there is a stringy mucous on the TP, very lightly tinged. Another comes about 1:42ish. I am casually glancing at the time with each one, not dead on. I don't wanna get caught up in a brain thing. I do remember 1:53. I went to the bathroom again to push out gas or something. I guessed it was about 2am because I felt another in the bathroom. Came out,checked the time, it was 2:02. Then another at 2:09, then 2:19. The 2:09 one hurt like nobody's business! The 2:19 one wasn't as punching as the 2:09 contraction. It's 2:27 and I just had a short one maybe 2 to 3 minutes ago- approx 2:25. I am trying to take my focus off the pain. I forgot how powerful it could be. I definitely don't recall it being this painful. I am trying not to anticipate the pain of the next one, but the 2:09 contraction had me waiting pensively, and when I looked at the time only 2 minutes had passed. One at 2:33 and I am blinking and breathing through the pain. It doesn't seem to last super long. With all the birth stories I read recently, things don't always follow the textbook. Hmm, but looking from beginning to end, it was an entire minute. I gotta go pee. The times seem so irregular, but these contractions are packing a punch, in a much different way. No wonder its hard to remember- who wants to remember this?! Only thing that I am looking forward to is having baby number 5, healthy in my arms, and eating something, cuz I'm hungry. Ok, now attempting to slide out the bed to the bathroom- again. 2:39, while I was peeing. I thought I had more time...unless I cramped up because of peeing, but it felt like a dagger grinding up into my vagina.Had to be a contraction. Just realizing it's been an hour since I've been up. Kinda quick really. I'll time another hour just to make sure they get regular, even though, I'm not certain how regular its gonna get. Writing is really helping me right now so I don't wanna stop. There will be lots of editing at the end of all this"


"Ok the last one was only a 3 and half minute rest. It's so irregular and that's what threw me off with Tammy. Sitting through that last one on the recliner, which is softer than the bed, rendered it a little less intense. Well it upped the pressure a bit. The pain though, was more tolerable.
Now the next one was after a 5 min 45 sec lapse. Again, this makes it hard. Its almost 6am. I can't keep this up. Have to somehow sleep between these.
10 minutes to 7 and the children are beginning to wake up. I decided to pace a little cuz everytime I dozed off another contraction came thru. They are still up and down again. I am not going to give up hope. This has to be real. There was one with an 11 min lapse, but then 3 min later one came. Almost 6 min later the next. So so confusing. *sigh ok so now its been over 12 min since the last one! What in the world?? I am so flipping tired of this! So tired. I can't explain the anger that is building up in me. And I feel guilty for that. Why can't this just be simple and straightforward and I just get to see our Zachary? But I don't want the anger to interfere with my hormonal levels. Gotta stay calm. Music in my ear- gonna worship... (7:15) I think I missed one earlier. I was confused cuz the cramping made me have 2 pee and it hurt getting to the toilet. So that may explain the 18 min time lapse. The 7:16 one was also not as intense. Going to try not to read too much into it. Maybe I'll go ahead to church.
So the past hour been feeling really strong tightenings but no pain, just pressure. Going to church. (8:31)"

At about 10 am contractions started again. About 11:30 I left the sanctuary- it started getting intense. I labored every 10 on the dot for about an hour. It was sharp but still able to get through them. About 12:30 it dropped to 5 apart and I waited to make sure there wouldn't be another time jump. My good friend and preggo buddy was with me the whole time, timing and keeping track and helping me breathe. She suddenly said, uh its time to go. I thought it can't be. But they were 5 min apart steadily for 30 minutes lasting over a minute each. Someone ran and got hubby out the service, and we left immediately. Contractions were coming fast and hard by this time.the hospital is 15 min away. I didn't think we were gonna make it. I felt the baby coming down. We got to emergency. We were both irritated by the questions and papers, then I was wheeled upstairs and put in observation. Hubby kept saying she's about to have the baby. I kept breathing. They took me to an labor room and I could barely handle the next ones. With each contraction the baby was heading down. It felt good to wrap my arms around hubbys neck and let my body hang. It was so hard to breathe. They kept making me try to get inthe bed. I told them icant I can't.I got to the bed and could only put my hands on it as they watched me waiting. Suddenly I felt the urge to bear down and I let out a deep involuntary "unhhhh" I whispered, I have to push. My dr came in- thankfully she was in the area. "Chantel if you have to push you have to get on the bed" I barely turned and put my bum on the edge of the bedside when someone said something that I can't recall. I shook my head slowly and said "too late", and with a gush the baby was crowning. They turned me around to lay in the bed. It was so painful. And without my trying I wasbearing down, pushing hard. I felt the head trying to stretch me. It burned. I started making an "ahhh" sound very loudly. My husband and I later laughed about it when he copied me, because it sounded like I was singing a monk cadence. I heard myself and thought, I hope I'm not too loud. I heard them telling me to push,but I already was. I wanted to stop and take a breath,but my body just kept pushing. Finally he came out- 3 good long pushes. I was relieved, but felt very burny and sore- then its like, ok, the placenta. I didn't feel like pushing anymore. But I sucked it up,and felt 10 times better once it released. He was born 2:35, maybe 45 min to an hour after we got there. So glad we made it.

Greenebean214 05-03-2011 05:55 PM

Re: Yay! He came before his induction date (Long story)
Congrats! He is precious!!

StaceyS 05-03-2011 06:36 PM

Re: Yay! He came before his induction date (Long story)
OMGOSH Chantel!! Zachary is just adorable, and I am guessing, well worth the wait! ;)

Crystalftw 05-03-2011 07:08 PM

Re: Yay! He came before his induction date (Long story)
Congrats! Super cute!

DaisyDiaper728 05-03-2011 08:05 PM

Re: Yay! He came before his induction date (Long story)
Congratulations, he is SO cute!

Stoffmaus 05-03-2011 08:39 PM

Re: Yay! He came before his induction date (Long story)
Congrats! He is so cute!

GracieGooseSC 05-03-2011 09:06 PM

Re: Yay! He came before his induction date (Long story)
Congrats mama!

divergirldee 05-03-2011 09:49 PM

Aww soo cute!

hmmclever 05-04-2011 06:17 AM

Re: Yay! He came before his induction date (Long story)
so sweet, congrats!

doubleddog 05-04-2011 11:05 AM

Re: Yay! He came before his induction date (Long story)
Oh my goodness he is so stinkin' cute! I love the way you journaled through your labor. Socool to have that to look back at. I could really relate to a lot of your feelings through that ordeal too. Congrats mama!!

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