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Noniegrace 03-28-2007 08:06 AM

One of those nights...
I think Cam and I were up more than we slept. I am tired! Today is going to be rough, Ainsley wont nap and I just can't if she doesn't. Where's the coffee?

uk2usa 03-28-2007 10:47 AM

Re: One of those nights...
I put on her fave show and try to get some shut eye on the floor...:thumbsup: and :hugs:

Baby Eintein or something...I know he's young...might work :)

Noniegrace 03-28-2007 12:50 PM

Re: One of those nights...
:laugh: Love your avatar! Thanks for the suggestion.

Mindi 03-28-2007 12:52 PM

Re: One of those nights...
It must have been in the air b/c my youngest didn't go to bed til at least 11 it might have been later, I don't remember. And he was up again at 530 :banghead:

uk2usa 03-29-2007 06:39 AM

Re: One of those nights...

Originally Posted by Noniegrace (Post 886393)
:laugh: Love your avatar! Thanks for the suggestion.'re the second person to say that in the past day...:goodvibes:
It makes me chuckle too...:giggle:

HBuehler 03-29-2007 07:02 AM

Re: One of those nights...
My every night is bed for the little ones at 8:30 so they can have a little time with dad Ethan is up by 11 then 1:30 ish 3-3:30 at the latest and I'm up for the day at 5.Some nights he's up every hour.A great night we skip the 1:30 appointment:lostit: It's not that he's up very long(sometimes he is) but that getting up and going to his room and then trying to find the way back to bed-which dh is keeping my spot warm(yah right)
It's been like this for over 4 years..Megan started sleeping when I got pg with Ethan so I think I remember what sleep is....I'm just waiting for that night.
Coffee is my best friend..the more the better and to save energy walking to the coffee pot use a BIG cup:mrgreen:

movingsouth 03-29-2007 11:44 AM

Re: One of those nights...
i agree something in the air... the kiddos tag-teamed me last night and DH is outta town until Fri night. ugh!

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