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Kelolsen-and-Padawan 03-28-2007 12:46 PM

anyone deal w/ this? awful deep cracks behind toes?
EThan has soft, non-dry feet. However, the skin on the backs of each of his big toes is very very very cracked- the "crease" for the first joint. I figured it was just dry and I started putting aquaphor on it and rubbing lotion on it. Yesterday, however, it looked so awful- I mean, the crack on one toe was so deep and so open I was amazed I couldn't see bone. :( he didn't seem to mind it in the least though. I called his Doc and we have an appointment tomorrow. He said it sounds like athlete's foot. He's almost always barefoot but he does sleep in footy pjs. I guess I 'll stop putting him in those??? He's a homeopath, so he suggested coconut oil - he said it will help w/ a's foot if that's what it is, but it will also moisterize and protect, etc. We're going out today to get some. I feel awful- Its like you could just snap his little toe right off!

jessie_m_d 03-28-2007 12:51 PM

Re: anyone deal w/ this? awful deep cracks behind toes?
It sounds like Althletes foot to me too. I have a cronic case of it. If you put him in footed sleepers, you'll have to use a clean pair every night. Same with socks, change socks twice a day when he wears them. Spray any shoes w/ lysol and make sure you wait for them to dry. Bleach his bathtub. If you decide to go medication route, use a powder instead of creams, creams just keep the area moist.

ravenonyx 03-28-2007 01:02 PM

Re: anyone deal w/ this? awful deep cracks behind toes?
You want to keep his feet as dry as possible (I know it sounds backasswards given the cracks! :( So no footies, socks, etc if possible, they encourage moisture to stick around.

I know there is a powder spray for athletes foot that would be great since you won't have to rub it in on a squirming toddler, you might give it a shot. Most drugstores and groceries carry it. Ask the ped first though, given his age.

Nothing against naturopaths, and that would be great for dry skin, but coconut oil is not going to fix athletes foot, which is a fungal infection IIRC. I think cleaning his feet with a wipe solution containing tee tree oil *would* be good.

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