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tonnabelle 03-28-2007 01:06 PM

Sleeping through the night?
How old were your DC when they started sleeping through the night? D will be 8 months on the 13th (:cry:) and he's only slept through the night 4 or 5 times. I've tried sleeping with him, putting him in the pack and play in our room, putting him in his room in the crib, and "tanking" him up on food before bed. He wakes up every night, at the same time. I'm starting to dread 0200. Were I a SAHM, it wouldn't be a big deal....but I have to get up by 0530 most days. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

Kelolsen-and-Padawan 03-28-2007 01:08 PM

Re: Sleeping through the night?
at the beginning of four months. He'd go to bed around 7:30,8 PM and wake at 6. We did a "dreamfeed" though at 10:30 for months and months. That worked well for us and became routine. He'd often not even wake up for it, and just eat and keep sleeping, or, if he did wake, he was used to the routine so he'd settle back down. he sleeps in his crib.

tonnabelle 03-28-2007 01:09 PM

Re: Sleeping through the night?
We tried dreamfeeding as well. It would only stretch how long he slept til he woke up by 30-45 minutes. I've tried putting him to bed earlier, as well as later. He is still up once or twice at night, then up for the day by 0530.

titania 03-28-2007 01:11 PM

Re: Sleeping through the night?
mine didn't sleep through until they were 15 or 16 months old. and now they are waking again, so i am no help at all!! :banghead:

KisaMomma 03-28-2007 01:13 PM

Re: Sleeping through the night?
Lets see.. Oldest dd was 8 1/2 weeks, 2nd dd was 12 weeks (ex-h had her nights and days mixed up because when he'd take care of her at night he had all the lights on and the tv so she thought it was play time.. i put an end to that tho..) , Dd 15 weeks, 3rd dd.. 10 weeks

and I'm not really for sure how "i" did it..

LuAnn 03-28-2007 01:16 PM

Re: Sleeping through the night?
Ds started sleeping great through the night at about 3m if sleeping in his own bed...byt the time he hit about a yr (now 23m)he very seldom sleeps all night, but he does sleep better if with us.

Proverbs169 03-28-2007 01:18 PM

Re: Sleeping through the night?
Both of my older kids slept through on a regular basis (from 7:30 till 7:30) at 10 months, because I was pregnant and panicking at the thought of waking up with another baby at night.

My third, though, has been more stubborn and only now is sleeping through with any kind of regularity.

My kids don't sleep through until we "encourage" it, LOL.

tonnabelle 03-28-2007 02:47 PM

Re: Sleeping through the night?
So I just suck it up until HE decided to rest more than a few hours at a time? Sigh. :sadno:

moparop 03-28-2007 02:51 PM

Re: Sleeping through the night?
My oldest slept through the night at about 7 months.

DS #2 will be 1 in just over a week and still doesn't sleep through the night.

For my older son, and even out little one to some extent, sleeping got better when I put them to bed earlier. Bedtime was/is 7:00 so they don't get overtired. We go up to their bedroom, put on jammies, BF, read a story, sing a song, say a prayer and kiss goodnight. We keep the lights off for most of it to help wind them down.

ETA: Dunno how you feel on such things, but as long as I went in to comfort my older son and he could smell the BM on me he wouldn't go to sleep. After realizing what was going on, DH started going in to comfort him. He's bring a glass of water, rub their back, calm them down, but I didn't go in. This seemed to help as they knew they weren't going to get snuggle time with Mommy at every wake-up.

SandyG 03-28-2007 02:56 PM

Re: Sleeping through the night?
dont read if you dont wanna bulg your eyes LOL
once i quit BF thru the night he quit waking up
yeah it took awhile but there is hope :D

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