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kellij 06-06-2006 05:24 PM

Need CD help!
For DS I've been using pockets. DD was just born 3 weeks ago and I got fitted for her, as well as pockets and AIOs. Here's what I don't understand, covers. Do you need as many covers as you do fitteds? Do you wash the covers every time you wash the fitteds? I thought I needed less covers than diapers, so I'm confused because they seem to be wet too. Thanks!


My2punkins 06-06-2006 05:33 PM

Re: Need CD help!
Congrats on your little one!

No you don't need as many covers as fitteds. What I did was let it air dry between uses and kind of switch back and forth between a couple. If one got poopy on it that went straight to the wash. HTH

MamaLove 06-06-2006 05:38 PM

Re: Need CD help!
PUL covers need to be washed when damp, soiled, smelly, or after 3 or 4 uses or so. I used to hand wash and hang dry my pul covers every day because I only had a few, but I got by that way fine.

I find wool covers to be easier to care for because they only need to be washed when soiled or once a week, and it is naturally antibacterial and stays good smelling for a long time! HTH!

mamagina 06-06-2006 07:59 PM

Re: Need CD help!
what they said :)

jodi5 06-06-2006 10:13 PM

Re: Need CD help!
I reuse my cover all day long unless it gets soiled or wet. I know when I had my first son, I had the same number of covers as fitteds since I used them only at night and that night time cover definitely needed changing by morning so it went in the wash. This time round though I use prefolds and covers. I don't worry if it is slightly damp, but if it feels wet then hang it up and grab a new cover.

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