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greengranny 05-25-2011 12:14 PM

In Honolulu with dd for a couple weeks
Anything exciting going on where I could meet up and introduce her to some people? She's pretty shy, and won't do things much on her own, but I'm trying to get her involved in some things while I'm here.

Ideas appreciated!

ittybittycoconuts 05-29-2011 12:55 AM

Re: In Honolulu with dd for a couple weeks
where are you staying? Hawaii is literally crawling with kids. Weve never been to a beack or park where we havent found other kids to play with.

greengranny 05-30-2011 01:28 AM

I don't think I was clear. Dd lives in Hawaii with her dh. She's almost 20, and pg with her first baby. I'm here helping do some baby stuff, but I'm hoping to help her meet some young moms.

We are going to a LLL meeting next week. I'm hoping that'll help.

ittybittycoconuts 05-30-2011 03:22 AM

Re: In Honolulu with dd for a couple weeks
hahahahahaaaa ok now I get it! Talk about right over my head! Id highly recommend to find a group. Ive joined on to a few meetup groups when my now 8 and 3 year olds were first born and stuck with the group I felt most comfortable in after a few meets, made tons of great friends with like minded people and the kids made some great friends too. Most of the SAHM groups are mostly geared toward NB-2.5 but Ive found the more active groups will have age appropriate activities planned for each age group plus stuff like moms night outs(kid free outings). I would recommend trying a larger more established group over a small group so she'll have a busier calendar of events and more outings to choose from not to mention a bigger circle of ladies in her same stage of mothering.

greengranny 05-30-2011 12:05 PM

Thanks for the info!! I'll check it out!

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