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MommaToBubandCJ 05-26-2011 04:21 PM

How to strip with a HE top-loader?
So, I'm switching detergents. The HE Tide is giving my LO a rash. :cry: We were using the regular Tide and then we had to get a HE washer when our old washer bit the dust.

I want to strip out all the Tide before I switch detergents so there's no residue on them. Normally, I'd just use a squirt of Dawn and hot, hot water with several cycles, but I don't want to use Dawn in my HE machine because I've heard it's not a good idea.

Any tips? What about RLR? I've used it in the past, but don't know how it would work in a HE machine?

Thanks! :goodvibes:

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