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xixicama 05-31-2011 02:14 PM

i have a logistics question
so i'm finally trying to get my business rolling... starting off with etsy and seeing how it goes. since we are renovating, oh, say, 75% of our house right now, my sewing space is confined to the dining room table :giggle2:
i have my supplies organized (sort of) in one of those plastic drawer things right now, with each drawer housing a separate component of diaper making material. so in one drawer, i keep my pul in 'already cut out and ready to go' diaper pieces (when i have some extra time on my hands, i draw out my pattern and cut for an entire piece of pul instead of doing one at a time). does anyone else pre-cut diaper pieces? if so, how do you organize them? right now they are a jumbled up mess in a drawer... i'd like for there to be more order in there!

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