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siracusa72 06-11-2011 02:37 PM

Country Save
Does anyone use Country Save? I have a bunch of it because I read it was CD friendly but have stink issues. I've been using 1/2 of what I'm told to use on the box because that's what I read re:CD washing but I wonder if I should be using more. Any advice? You'd think that if I'm using the heavy soiled setting and the max wash on my HE machine and doing an extra rinse cycle that I'd be able to get all the detergent out, right? I wonder if I should just try using the whole amount...

Lanae 06-11-2011 02:48 PM

I use it and have NO issues! I love it! My routine: cold rinse to make sure my diapers are heavy in the he so it will add more water (betting this might be your issue, try adding wet heavy towels to the wash if you think its the problem), anyway, then I add my country save, half a scoop, and my calgon for my hard water, start a hot/heavy duty cycle, then I run an extra warm rinse :)

Love country save here!

crunchymomof3 06-11-2011 02:52 PM

Re: Country Save
when i was using it , i used a full scoop and had no stink issues

eolds85 06-11-2011 03:25 PM

Re: Country Save
I use it, and also have not issues with my front load washer. I usually do one cycle of cold with an extra rinse cycle first. Then I add 1/2 scoop of country save and do a hold/cold "heavy soil" cycle. And we don't have any stink.

magoose 06-11-2011 03:56 PM

Re: Country Save
I use Country Save on all my laundry, and alternate it with Laundry Tarts for the diapers. I use 1/2 a scoop, sometimes 3/4 depending on the load size. I have regular water with an HE FL. I'd say definitely try upping the amount of detergent you're using.

siracusa72 06-13-2011 02:32 PM

Re: Country Save
Thank you for the advice! It felt so good putting what looked like a reasonable amount of detergent in with my diapers today.

However, I'm having another issue... We do have hard water, I know that so I started using Calgon in the warm wash cycle. I even did a four hot wash w/Calgon strip. But yesterday, I dressed baby in a cute little outfit and cloth diaper and when we arrived at church he had leaked! Then we changed him into the not so cute back-up outfit and lo and behold shortly thereafter again he leaked! We're repelling water now.

Now what?? Please help!!

Lanae 06-13-2011 02:51 PM

Hmm... Never had an issue. I fill up an oxiclean measuring cup and fill it to the one line when I add my detergent to the hot cycle? You might need to strip. Ive heard that you can add a drop I'd dawn to the wash?

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