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universe2 07-10-2011 05:41 PM

I know I want to use liners but I have NO idea what kind to get

it seems like the liners would take away absorbency.... but I know nothing about them! so please input on what you like/dislike and fav brands


rachelrhin0 07-10-2011 05:51 PM

Re: liners?
Imse Vimse are nice thick liners that can be washed 3 times if not soiled before tossing. Bububibi has some nice liners as well although they are more narrow and can really only be washed once (if not soiled) before tossing.

BabybeeMommy 07-10-2011 07:27 PM

Re: liners?
Liners to keep the wetness away??? I just use fleece I cut up into pieces

Liners for poop? I LOVE my Imse Vimse liners. I line every single diaper with one and if there is no poop I just throw the whole thing in the pail and it gets washed. Then I air dry the liners (although I accidentally dried a few in the dryer and they came out ok). I've gotten as many as 4 uses out of them that I was able to track so far.. possibly more. I just toss them when they come out torn from the washer but it's not like they disintegrate in there or anything :)
If there is poop, I use flushable wipes and those plus the liners get flushed. They work super well... I just had an incredibly messy and horrible blueberry poop diaper the other day and the liner worked like a charm.

KimA 07-10-2011 07:47 PM

Re: liners?
Cut any fleece up to a size that fits in the diaper. :)

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