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MamaNotes 07-16-2011 01:01 AM

Do I need a double stroller? Chariot?
From all you experienced mamas of 2+, I would love your thoughts on this!

My boys are 20 months apart (currently 2 years and 8 months.) I am thinking about purchasing a double stroller, but the chariot is a HUGE investment, obviously. Those things are expensive!!

However, I think it may go to good use considering I can use it for walking/running, hiking, cross country skiing AND it can be a bike trailer.

I want to be able to go on bike rides with the kids next summer (would have loved to this summer too, but we don't have a trailer) and I want to be able to go on walks/hikes this winter. I can push my toddler in the single BOB right now and carry my "baby" (he is huge, ha!) on my back, although he is getting pretty heavy.

I'm nervous to get rid of my single stroller too.....

thoughts? worth it?

Thanks mamas! :mrgreen:

MeCo7707 07-16-2011 01:46 AM

Re: Do I need a double stroller? Chariot?
Well for me - I don't use a stroller that often, so I never got a double one. My children are a little father apart in ages almost 3 and just turned 1, with another on the way. However the area we live in kind of makes a stroller unneccesary as they are so big and England is SO small so when needed I've actually carried both girls one on my back and one on my front. So for your situation the chartiot seems like it would get used, while in my household it would not, so if you think you are going to use it that much I would go for it.

nohollyhomaker 07-16-2011 02:38 AM

Re: Do I need a double stroller? Chariot?
I don't have a chariot but a lot of people here have chariots and no one regrets it. It is very narrow for a double stroller and it is cool since it serves many purposes in one. The skis and the cover are nice for winter trail walking.

I have a single bob and a double bike trailer and a sled. I like them all but I wouldn't mind having one thing to serve all those purposes. I never had a double stroller through 3 kids and haven't really minded. My current baby is small but my ds wasn't a small baby and I wore him until I was really pregnant with my youngest.

I do like my costco double bike trailer. This year we use a trail a bike and the double bike trailer. I have pulled them all together and ride with all 3 but it is hard so I usually wait until my husband can take one or the other. I use the stroller for my son right now and wear the baby. My ds is starting to walk a little bit on hikes and I think by next summer he will be hiking on his own like my dd was at his age so he won't use it anymore.

Minniebees 07-16-2011 07:46 AM

Re: Do I need a double stroller? Chariot?
We LOVE our Chariot! It is definitely worth it. We have the bike kit, stroller kit, and jogging kit. Dh didn't want to get the stroller kit since he was going to just bike with it, but we use it as a stroller way more. It is the best stroller. It pushes like a dream, and because of the way the seats are set up you can really stuff a lot of kids in there. We've had ours for over 6 years (it is bigger than the newer models), and while it shows some wear, it still works great!

yomama 07-16-2011 01:07 PM

Re: Do I need a double stroller? Chariot?
I wish we had gotten one when we had our second. When dd was a baby and ds a toddler, I put him in the stroller and carried her in a sling or wrap as she was so tiny. Then at some point, we picked up a used double stroller and it is a lifesaver when we do use it (dd is 2.5 and ds 5, so we don't need it much anymore).
Now we just moved to an area where biking is excellent and I wish I had a bike trailer. It would be silly to get one now, as ds can ride his own bike and is usually using a trail a bike if we're on a longer bike ride and dd has a bike seat on the back of my bike. But as long as ds is still a little unsteady on his own, it totally would not be safe to take them both biking without my dh coming along.
I love the versatility of the chariot ad if you treat it well, it should have great resale value. There is also quite a difference in quality and safety between different bike trailers and considering you would take your kids on the road, not something to be ignored, IMO.
If you're an active family and love getting outdoors, I would totally recommend one!!

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