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newmommy929 07-21-2011 09:08 AM

What's in your NB stash...
Ok, so I am SURE this has been talked about over and over again. Frankly though, I just don't have the time to go looking through all of the old threads as I am to be studying for my IBCLC exam that is on Monday!

So, what do you all have in your NB/little stage stashes. My older 2 boys never reached 12lbs probably until like 4-6 months so they were small and still are. So I am looking for things that will fit smaller babies. I have some items, but need to get more and I just can't decide on what to get. THis is what I have so far...

Tot Bot Tiny Fits (aplix, etc. for daycare use)
Blueberry Mini OS
NB Muttaquin Baby's fitteds
-think that is pretty much it

I am contemplating on if I should get some of the following...

prefolds in premie/NB (have some GMD in yellow and red edge for bigger sizes)
possibly some more Blueberry mini's
Best Bottoms in the size smalls

What do you all think? I am just so scattered brained right now. I SHOULD be studying for my test on Monday and not be on here...So I am just looking for some more advice! Thanks!

moonpuppyswifey 07-21-2011 09:39 AM

Re: What's in your NB stash...
I don't have any advice because this will be my first time cd'ing a newborn but so far I have....

33 rearz better than organic prefolds (need to be prepped)
6 bg xs aio's for night times
2 knit wool soakers
5 Green line covers that I've heard that you can get down to nb size (but havent tried it yet)

Thats about it, I think we'll try to stay pretty simple and see how things go.

Oh and 3 packs of 7th gen sposies (for hubby and to use until meconium is gone)

FernHollow 07-21-2011 09:48 AM

Re: What's in your NB stash...
I'm waiting on a baby to show up any day now and my newborn stash is all ready to go. Its a super simple stash but that is my favorite kind, it keeps me from feeling overwhelmed postpartum.

36 NB Imagine prefolds
24 small Imagine prefolds
8 NB Bummis Superbrite covers
6 Thirsties duos size 1 covers
8 S Bummis Superbrite covers
5 BG 4.0 aplix pockets stuffed w/ size 1 Thirsties prefolds (for nights after the first few weeks)

I'm planning on mostly trifolding unless I have a baby that poops more than my others did. I tend to have babies that poop a tiny bit each change (plus a big explosion once a day lol), which means we need tons of diapers but we shouldn't need a new cover each change. I don't mind using a snappi if needed but I'd prefer not if we can get away with it.

mitre10 07-21-2011 10:44 AM

Re: What's in your NB stash...
I'm due soon with #2.

My stash:

24 infant pfs
9 fitteds
about 8-10 covers: xs, s, and size 1, prowraps, thirsties and wool

jessi4jc 07-21-2011 11:41 AM

Re: What's in your NB stash...
This is my "keep" box.
24 OVC, Sherpa or Bamboo Preflats
1o Diaperaps Covers
2 Thirsties Duo 1 Covers
3 Fleece Covers
24 Teeny Tiny Doublers

24 Fitteds:
11 SKC
1 KL0 Limited Edition
8 Diva Made
2 Clothmo 0
2 Penguin Diapers from eBay

I also have the following which is not pictured:
30 GMD Periwinkles
3 Embellished GMD Orange Edge (Sweet Pea Boutique)
Unknown WAHM embellished PFs
24 Additional Fitteds (15 BG Bamboo, Assorted WAHM)
2 Magicall AIO

6 FB with Aplix

And this is the preemie stash, a WIP:
4 Mother Goose Fitteds
2 Fleece Soakers
30 Dyed Preemie Prefolds
15 Embellished Prefolds
1 The Cat's Meow Pocket
36 Single Ply Wipes

I've since added:
24 Bummis Organic PFs
12 fitteds from CL - unknown WAHM, half aplix, half pinable
12 Firefly fitteds - 5 are night diapers
6 Preemie Nanas AIO
6 Bummis SuperBrite Covers

Still ISO:
more covers and HH Preemie AIOs
And IDDDSO ATD Preemie AIOs with the snap-front. I missed them on FSOT. :cry:

Bevytp 07-21-2011 12:12 PM

Re: What's in your NB stash...
We had mostly Lil joeys and XS BGs. I liked them both, but really liked the Lil Joeys for the beginning. My dd was born at 7lb 10oz and at 8 wks is almost 12lbs. A little chunker lol She is almost too small for the lil joeys now though. I say that if you tend to have babies on the smaller side then they will be perfect.
My whole nb stash was
12 XS bgs
12 Lil Joeys
6 Nb Grovia
2 Doodle dypes
and that was always plenty of diapers for us.

Almacham 07-21-2011 12:30 PM

Re: What's in your NB stash...
Ah! Loving the tiny cuteness! :wub:

L J 07-21-2011 12:44 PM

Re: What's in your NB stash...
Too much. :laugh:

24 newborn prefolds
28 nb/xs fitteds (mostly Diaper Drive Thru)
10 nb/xs PUL covers (Bummis Super Brite, Thirsties, RaRs)
wool - 5 wraps, 4 soakers, 6? longies and 1 skirty

18 infant prefolds
3 PUL covers (Thirsties, Bummis Super Lite, Fluffy's)
wool - don't remember how much, a few soakers and 3 or 4 pair of longies
5 onesize pockets (4BGOS, 1FBOS)

Plus lots of pins, one snappi to try again, fleece liners and various stay dry doublers.

treehuggerheather 07-21-2011 01:33 PM

Re: What's in your NB stash...
All I have right now is 2doz gmd orange, 2doz gmd yellow, 4 S BSWW covers, and about 6 wonderwraps. I was going to stick w/ that until we were done w/ the constant pooping stage but now I am feeling like I should get some fitteds or pockets or something for nighttime. I have 2 FBOS my ds outgrew but now sure they'll fit a newborn? My last baby was 9.5lbs.

BraydensMommy2011 07-21-2011 02:17 PM

20 BG OS, 3 are BGE.
2 Blueberry pocket diapers
3 Rumparooz OS
3 Lil joeys Rumparooz
1 happy heiny
1 custom made weenotions
7 Alva baby
1 sunny baby
1 muttaquin OS AI2
1 muttaquin newborn fitted
2 thirsties duo diaper size 1
2 thirsties fab fitteds
1 grovia newborn AIO
1 butterbears OS
1 Hahtuvahullu OS
3 KLO fitteds
1 raven tree fitted
3 Ooga booga WAHM fitteds
1 sushi print fitted OS (hasn't arrived in the mail yet) :p
6 thirsties covers
1 best bottom cover
1 pumpkin pants fleece soaker
18 osocozy prefolds
54 diapers in all

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