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bellaphira 07-21-2011 07:05 PM

Dear sweet child of mine...please detach from my breast!
My lil Bean and I finally got our latch right and started feeding without a nipple shield thanks to the amazing ladies at our WIC clinic (they rock!), she is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to 30-40 minutes on one boob...she doesn't have a strong continual suck, it's almost like she 'gets lazy': sucks for a bit, then stops, sucks for a bit, nibbles a bit, stops, etc etc etc. I know she's getting milk because some of the gulps are full mouthfuls with audible swallowing. She starts to doze off in the middle of feeding so I do the tickling the feet, tickling the back, heck I ever tried dripping cool water on her etc etc etc but it never fails the only way she gets off my boob is if she falls asleep and just kinda falls off (she never just finishes on her own). Well, I put her down after she falls asleep and literally 10-15 minutes later she's SCREAMING bloody murder and acting like she needs to eat again (lip smacking, trying to get hands in mouth, etc.), I try giving her a pacifier and she will have nothing to do with it. I finally feed her, and we start the cycle over again. I love my child...but I don't particularly want to be attached via boob to her all day long (I could deal with the every 1-3 hours when we were feeding with the shield...but uhhh every 15 minutes, with feedings lasting 30-40 minutes, no thanks!!). Any advice????

seton 07-21-2011 07:24 PM

First, it does get easier and she won't feed that long or often forever! Second, look up Dr. Jack Newman and watch his videos about breast compressions. Made a world of difference with my son! And once they get a little better you don't have to do the compressions anymore. Good luck and good job mama!

mizzy 07-22-2011 11:48 PM

Re: Dear sweet child of mine...please detach from my breast!
I have a 2 month old that is the same way right now , and my daughter did this as well. It does get better I promise!

jmoon 07-23-2011 12:02 AM

Re: Dear sweet child of mine...please detach from my breast!
Have you tried switch nursing? I used the nipple shields for my DS at first and had the same problem when I stoped using them. I read about switch nursing, and it made a HUGE difference! Basically, every time they start to fall asleep, or switch to comfort sucking, you switch sides. You should nurse 2-3 times on each side (switching back and forth) THat way they get the hind milk. I found that it helped him nurse so much better! He is 7 months old now, and a great nurser, but sometimes if he is getting sleepy or distracted I go back to the switch nursing! I hope this helps! Good luck mama, all nursing relationships get better with time!

bellaphira 07-24-2011 12:59 PM

Re: Dear sweet child of mine...please detach from my breast!
I'll try the switch nursing. I've tried the compressions with no's incredibly uncomfortable for me : / My breasts are VERY large (think larger size cantelope) and I pretty much have to hold them up from underneath the whole time while I'm feeding her, so to slide over and do the compressions is quite uncomfortable.

I've already gone to the WIC clinic for help, and they at least got us latching/nursing without the shield (though I still find myself grabbing it for part of the feeding mainly because it seems like she gets more with it and my nipples get ANGRY around the 30 minute mark of her feeding), but I may go ahead and try to get ahold of my local LLL. I'm SO frustrated with b/fing at this point. It's to the point where we get to like the 4th hour straight of her wanting to be attached to my breast and night and I'm crying with her and saying things like "will you just FINISH??!??!!!" I'm seriously considering switching to formula (I REALLY don't want to...but I'm slowly losing my sanity and I'm snapping at my husband and stepson during the day because I'm so tired and frustrated)

melilo 07-24-2011 01:37 PM

Sorry about your troubles, mama! How old is your little one? After a while she will definitely get much more efficient at nursing. Especially since using the shield, she has to develop stronger muscles to be able to nurse faster.

Please don't give up on nursing yet. Your local LLL is an excellent resource for help and advice.

Just know that this is such a short phase in her life, and the rewards for you both are great.

musicalisa 07-24-2011 01:48 PM

Re: Dear sweet child of mine...please detach from my breast!
Are you able to do a pre and post feed weight at WIC? I wonder how much she's taking in if she's showing hunger cues 15 minutes later.

MichelleSG 07-24-2011 01:59 PM

Re: Dear sweet child of mine...please detach from my breast!
I hear ya woman. My first was like this, she was jaundice and I couldn't produce worth a darn. It resulted in a good 2 yrs of undiagnosed/untreated PPD. Don't go there, it's a bad place to be. I wish I could give you some helpful advice but I never got it down right. And I have National Geographic nipples so don't blame your poor breasts, they are what they are.
Yeah, it'll probably get better but if you need to use formula to keep hold of your sanity in the meantime do it. Mommy's state of mind is more important than an occasional bottle of formula. It's ok.

bellaphira 07-24-2011 03:02 PM

Re: Dear sweet child of mine...please detach from my breast!
Lydia is 4 weeks now. They did a weight check while we were at WIC before and after, but she had literally eaten 30 minutes before we had gotten there so she really did not eat much, they did it more to just make sure she was getting something. I have a scale here so I suppose I could do it myself.

I know overall she is getting plenty to eat since she has gained 1.5 lbs since birth and has plenty of dirty diapers a day.

I think I am going to hit up LLL and WIC again and see if they have anymore advice. It seems (from what I have read) that it gets easier around month 3.

I wouldn't/don't mind getting up every 2-3 hrs every night....if she would only take 15-20 min. to eat then I could set her down and sleep for a couple hours...but it's pretty much a 4-6 hour period where she is basically nursing constantly and 'refuses' to let me put her down...then around 6/7am she will sleep, but only about 2 hours...I start work Monday and I work mornings so if this keeps up I may have a complete meltdown from lack of sleep

bellaphira 07-24-2011 03:07 PM

Re: Dear sweet child of mine...please detach from my breast!
side note: all these b/fing complications make me wonder what ppl in tribes and stuff do...I mean, they can't just take a quick trip to BRU for a nipple shield, and they don't have they just not have these problems? Are Westerners just missing something?

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