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mumtwiceover 07-21-2011 07:19 PM

What do I do with non pocket diapers??
So I feel like a silly newbie asking these questions - I have only ever used BG 4's with snaps.

I'm currently starting a stash of newborn diapers for a yet unconceived babe (TTCing now yay!!) but I'm feeling like I am just feeling comfortable with my Bg's that I have been using for 4 months and now I have to figure out new diapers -

I have ordered some BG's AIO's with velcro - how do I dry them if I can't line dry them (my preferred method but live in Canada so have snow and line drying doesn't really work LOL. I hang all my BG covers now so how does that work with AIO's??

I'm also thinking of getting some kissaluvs but do these also have to be worn with a cover?? does it matter what covers - I know nothing about covers, liner, prefolds since again all I've used are pockets.

Velcro - is there anything special I should be aware of - I'm hoping to resell my newborn diapers since they will not be used for more than a few months and this will be our last baby - I want to do everything I can to keep thing in the best possible shape.

thanks for all your input...

angel0123 07-21-2011 07:34 PM

Live in canada also. In the winter i use drying racks in front of our (corn) stove. By morning they just need a touch up. If the diapers have a pocket in the back. I just turn them inside out so they dry faster.

aliciamarie632 07-21-2011 07:39 PM

Re: What do I do with non pocket diapers??
I just dried my BG AIO's in the dryer on med. Just make sure to use the laundrey tabs so the velcro doesn't get stuck on anything. Kissaluvs do need a cover since their is no waterproof layer. Any cover that fits your baby should work. I thought fitteds are a little bulkier than pfs so I liked the Thirsties Duo Size 1 covers-they cover the whole fitted easier. For pfs we liked the Bummis super brite extra smalls. Also, we use a drying rack indoors for drying our covers and pocket outers:) HTH!

YiddleDoppers 07-21-2011 07:41 PM

Re: What do I do with non pocket diapers??
In my experience using pockets on a newborn can be frustrating (and sewing pocket diapers for a variety of newborn shapes --FORGET IT--)

If all you've used a pockets (which are awesome) then I recommend using fitted diapers for your NB ... yes they need a cover, but that's it! just snap them on like your BG's then snap on the cover. I lay the fitted on top of the cover, so all I have to do is fasten diaper. fasten cover. done.
Personally, I like swaddlebees with bummis xs covers ... but there are many brands. Green Mountain Diapers (dot) com has an extensive section (with loads of photos) about which diapers fit inside which covers ... hth.
ETA: With a NB, it can't hurt to have a dozen pre-folds on hand ... they're easier than you think and they have a multitude of uses and come in handy for everything (resale value is about 80-95% too!)

UnschoolingFamily 07-21-2011 07:48 PM

I have been using BG 3.0 AIOs and Pockets for about 8 months now an have always dried them. We have a gas dryer and made the mistake of drying them on high (70-80 minutes) for a couple of months and the tabs got rather curly, but still totally work. I had never had a gas dryer before, only electric and quite a fewthings got ruined - bathing suits, swim shorts, waterproof mattress pads, a comforter, until I figured it out. Oops!

Anyway, since then I just dry them on medium heat for 80 minutes after tyrning the AIOs inside out first. Lately, I have been hanging the covers, figuring they don't need that much drying, unless I am totally in a hurry. The heat does help to reseal the PUL so it's not all bad, right?

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