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MommaPierce 07-29-2011 07:58 AM

This will be our accountability thread, for those of us that have a long laundry list of things that need to get done before baby comes, but need a bit of extra motivation!

So, write out your list in your first post, and then later you can edit it if you have something you need to add. Then, as you complete a task, take a picture and post it to the END of the thread (so it keeps it bumped up, and to make sure we all get to see it). Then, go back to that first post with your list and cross off that task! Woo Hoo, accomplishment! If you have before and after pics, even better!

We can all try to hold each other accountable for getting our lists done as well


MommaPierce 07-29-2011 08:13 AM

I will start. All completed tasks will be turned green :)
All tasks that need DH will be turned red

- Set up baby's room
*Move closet doors to crawl space, hang curtains over closet opening
*Paint Room with green stripe and white on top (touch up ceiling too)
*Hang new curtains - need DH to adjust curtain rod bc it is super crooked
*Make crib higher, put crib set on
*Attach changer to IKEA shelf, add cover
*Get carseat out of closet/connect carseat adapter to stroller
*Move furniture around
*Wash all clothes and hang/put away

*Move guest bed out - no more guests in my house! ever!

- Re-organize diapers and make sure I have enough in different sizes and no pink stragglers - Sell what I bought too much of!
- Wash and prep all diapers (not CDing, so selling everything.)
- Make freezer meals
- Finish Home Management Binder
- Finish Couponing Binder
- Finish re-hanging pictures/decor in the living room (photoshoot pics coming soon so I can finish this!)
- Re-Paint all the white in the house to a cream color, and get a gallon of extra paint (we have like five different colors of white paint in the garage, but none seem to match the white on the walls in the house, so I'm just done with it! Touch ups are so difficult with white, who would have thought!)
- Touch up white paint on trim <<FINALLY done with that massive project

- Finish decorating playroom (hang bookshelves and pictures) (touch up paint)
- Re-Organize Kitchen cabinets (lots of extra organizing space now that I made a pantry!)
- Inventory Pantry and Freezer
- Paint laundry room, need DH to move machines
- Paint kid's bathroom
- Build DD's new bed
- Hang decor in DD's room
- Change out ribbon on DD's Curtains to match new bedding
- Organize craft cabinets
- Go through and organize Master Bath drawers and cabinets
- Put pulls and knobs on all cabinets !!!
- Fix TP roll thing in powder room 1/2 done, need DH to screw it on
- Fix leak in kids' bathroom
- Move food in kitchen cabinets to hall closet (make into pantry)
- Purge my closet to make room for DH - Organize Closet
- Go through all of DD's clothes and sell or donate
- Paint living room (haven't decided if I'll be changing the color or just doing touch ups)
- Clean TOPS of cabinets (uh, yuck! This has been on the list for toooooo long) ALSO cleaned all fronts and insides....whew what a project!
- Send old coupons overseas


- Make DD's Scrapbook
- Start Baby's scrapbook
- Make Birth Announcements (with space for pics)
- Start on Christmas Cards
- Growth Charts painted and hung
- Paint Canvases for Playroom, Baby Room, and DDs room
- Get DD's Party stuff done
- Make Bows and bow holder for DD

- Pay for my custom woolies :wub:
- Pay for custom shopping cart/high chair cover
- Diaper bag?? Can't find the love with the zillion I have....

- Pail liners (1 yellow or pink for DD's room, 1 Green for DS's room, 1 brown small one for bathroom)
- Bouncy Chair
- Swing? Not sure yet
- Curtains to cover closet in DS's room (might use some from elsewhere in the house)
- Carseat foot muff thing
- Boyish blankets
- Boy socks
- Bottles
- Wipes warmer
- changing pad from IKEA (all others too big!)
- Boyish bath stuff

MommaPierce 07-29-2011 08:13 AM

Finished Pantry
IMG_2333 by brandy lee2011, on Flickr

KiltedKingdom 07-29-2011 08:22 AM

Okay, my list:

Pull out baby clothes and wash some gn ones for baby for first week or two
Make blankets for baby (I'm making some girly ones, jic)
Organize bathroom cupboards
Potty train Ethan
Pull out baby's bed (but not until I'm in labor :giggle2:)

Deep clean bathrooms
Organize Living Room
Make PP mama cloth
Make blankets for baby (I'm making some girly ones, jic)
Organize bathroom cupboards
Dye gerber diapers for burp cloths

I'm sure there's more, I'll add to it as I think of it. I've been cleaning like a mad woman recently but I still have a bunch more that I'd like to do/keep up with.

Azrael 07-29-2011 08:55 AM

- Disassemble crib/toddler bed that DD is currently in and put in a twin bed for her
- Rearrange DD's room so her things plus baby's fit
- Rearrange DD's dresser
- Rearrange diaper dresser/organize diapers
- Figure out where to put DS's clothes (already have nb/0-3 clothes out)
- Get fall/winter clothes for DD
- Go through DDs clothes and get rid of most of her outgrown clothes
- Sew at least 10 more fitteds
- Sew 1 ring sling and cut fabric for a wrap (for friend due 10 days before me)
- Sew 1 ring sling for myself
- Sew several sleep gowns (at least)
- Knit as many woolies as possible (lol, at least 2 more longies in small and nb, a nb pair of overalls, 1 more sleep sack)
- Get car seats arranged in the back of the car/figure out which ones to use
- Rearrange/organize the top of my dresser to store some of DS's diapers/jammies
- Rearrange/organize living room to decide how to fit DS's swing and/or cradle (keeping in mind a Christmas tree needs to go out too!)

wow, that seems like a lot. I guess I'll have to go back and ad if more come to me, 'cause I don't think I've thought of it all. Here I thought I'd already done quite a bit, not so sure I've done much more than acquire things for the baby :) Its all been shoved into closets for the time being.

naura 07-29-2011 09:11 AM

- knit soaker
- buy more clothes for DD
- sew more clothes for DD
- make wipes
- buy basket for DD's diapers
- prep the blueberries
- spin more merino
- get dog brushes as fake carder to mix fiber
- make a list of consumables (i.e. diaper cream, baby wash, etc) i need to get
- knit hat
- nap
- make mama cloth
- find tasty toothpaste for DS fluoride free
- eat more leafy greens
- get exercise ball for pelvic pain
- stretch more
- get DS swimming lessons

GC's Mama 07-29-2011 09:18 AM

Nesting Extravaganza!

~Clean/organize coat closet DONE
~Cast onto my first newborn soaker NOT GONNA HAPPEN lol
~Get wooden bassinett (that we'll probably never use, lol) back from friend DONE~Ditto with the infant-toddler rocker FRIEND CONSIGNED IT
~Organize our entertainment center so I have room for diapers/diaper stuff (doing a downstairs changing area this time around) DONE
~Purchase changing pad + cover for living room floor NOT NECESSARY
~Knit some more
~Start making one freezer meal/week DONE
~Crack down on helping Owen learn to use the potty (will have to be done after our Portland trip the week after next) 75% DONE
~Get a wrap/material to make a wrap
~Keep acquiring gender neutral baby clothes DONE~Get frames for kid's room pictures

DustysSweety03 07-29-2011 09:23 AM


buy bassinet~ DONE
buy cheapest infant seat
get dresser out of closet and set up to use as a changing table also~ Done
Go through Ryker's clothes and see what i'll be able to use (he was born in May)~ Done
Get all the gender neutral gowns i saved from Alex, that i used with Ryker washed up and put in dresser.~Done
Get baby's corner of our room set up~Done
Buy Changing Pad Mat & Cover
Buy Birth supplies
Buy scale
Finish knitting and sew together beekeepers quilt

if i think of anything else i'll add to it

Mpierce 07-29-2011 09:56 AM

:blush: My list is going to be so long because of this bed rest.

So this is just starting my list.


*Bouncer Seat
*Breastfriend Pillow
*Heart to Heart Ergo Insert
*High Chair
*NB Clothes
*NB Sposies

Purchases for The Nursery/Toddler Room:

*White Comforter to go in the cover
*New Changing Table Cover
*Crib Sheets
*New Pillow for Lilly
*Curtains for the Closet
*Curtains/blinds for windows in bedroom


*Carpets & Rugs Cleaned
*Go through Toys
*Prep Diapers
*Switch bedrooms
*Finish painting Nursery/toddler room
*Get both "new" rooms organized
*Floors all cleaned (like deep sanitized & resealed/shined)
*Gates installed
*Dogs Groomed
*Organize Laundry Room
*Clean off Back Deck (about half way done)
*Get Outdoor Furniture ready for the Winter
*Clean main closet out

*Knit Vest for Grayson
*Knit 2 sleep sacks (1 Sleep Sack/Gown left!)
*Knit overalls (small or NB still undecided)Half Done
*Finish pair of longies (1 leg left)
*Knit shrug/cover up thing for Lilly
*Knit/crochet 2-3 hats for Grayson (1 Done)
*Knit an Aviatrix hat for Lilly

30 Hats for Hypnobirthing Class! 15 Done!

framus 07-29-2011 10:16 AM

My list seems out of control:) Just keeping a spot with this and once I get more organized I will come back.

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