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FernHollow 08-04-2011 08:09 PM

Noooooo!!! Why are they all ULTRA now?!
I was a devoted fan of Tide free & gentle powder prior to the Ultra version. It left us with perfectly soft, stain free, CLEAN diapers and clothes. Never an issue EVER. The Ultra just flat out sucked - everything was stained, stinky and NOT soft no matter how much I used! The liquid version was only slightly better and didn't seem to rinse well. So I recently found Arm & Hammer powder was exactly the same in terms of stain treating and softness on both our clothes and diapers - I was THRILLED. Having soft, clean diapers and clothes without having to stain treat or go through special routines was AWESOME.

Until today *sob* when I went to buy more...and it is now "concentrated" like all the other Ultra powders :cry: Every single free & clear powder I could find is now Ultra! Seriously this SUCKS. I am ready to have a new baby any day and I didn't want to have to deal with soaking the kids stained clothes or dealing with complicated diaper wash routines. I stood in the laundry soap aisle with a big sad face trying to figure out what to buy and came home empty handed. UGH. :(

04liquidS 08-04-2011 08:47 PM

Re: Noooooo!!! Why are they all ULTRA now?!
Big Lots near my house has the old version of Tide Free & Gentle :thumbsup:

FernHollow 08-04-2011 09:10 PM

Re: Noooooo!!! Why are they all ULTRA now?!

Originally Posted by 04liquidS (Post 13498809)
Big Lots near my house has the old version of Tide Free & Gentle :thumbsup:

Mine only has the scented Tide original powder. I can find lots of the scented version around here at Home Depot and Fred Meyer, but we really can't do scented Tide. Also it is now $25 for the giant box. :yuck:

I've been looking unsuccessfully for Tide f&g powder around me for awhile and I guess now I'll be looking for the Arm & Hammer original powder instead. I think I will ask my mom to look around at some of the other grocery stores this weekend. Its not a long term solution, but at least we can figure out something when I am not 9+ months pregnant or CDing a new baby.

days_fly_by 08-04-2011 09:26 PM

Re: Noooooo!!! Why are they all ULTRA now?!
OMG I feel ya. :hugs:

Since finishing my box of Ultra Tide Free & Gentle (and hating it), I've moved on to Classic Sun (worthless, 1 cup = still gross diapers) and now Tide Free & Gentle liquid (non Ultra / non HE version). I used up to the -3- line and that was too much, had to do an extra rinse at the end which is UNHEARD OF in my washer, but my diapers smell nice and fresh again. Crossing my fingers this works for us and that Tide doesn't jack with this formula, too. :~

blessed22 08-04-2011 11:32 PM

Re: Noooooo!!! Why are they all ULTRA now?!
I feel your pain.... *sigh*

I'll be going back to my Charlie's..... I HAD to use oxyclean and an extra scoop in every wash, but I never had any problems

Right now I'm using Surf... its super cheap but I noticed a difference in my dipes after the first wash. Next wash I was eagle eyeing the washing machine and noticed that I had suds galore in my final rinse. So I had to do an ENTIRE hot wash cycle (not just a rinse) to get it all out. Diapers were perfect after that wash. Next wash after that, I used a bit less detergent because of my suds galore incident and the dipes misbehaved again after that. PHOOEY! Soooooo (are you tired of reading this yet?) I basically HAVE to use the full amount of soap and have the extra suds in order to get the dipes clean enough, and I HAVE to use the extra hot wash cycle to get all the detergent off. It works, I have super clean dipes with cheap Surf detergent, but, I feel like I'm wasting water.......... Just no winning

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