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ljboehme 08-06-2011 03:57 PM

Help! Nighttime rash/burn
We are somewhat new to cloth diapering and all of a sudden we are getting bad rashes in the morning. She sleeps about 8-10 hours in a softbums echo with the OBV insert and a fleece liner. This morning she had bright red rash around bottom, like where edges of the diaper would be-so along the small of her back, then the outer thighs and on cheeks a little too. But no redness in groin area or by vagina. Any thoughts? I normally do cold pre-rinse, then hot/cold wash with extra rinse. I just strippped(?) all the diapers by washing with extra hot/cold with no detergent and additional extra suds visible before last rinse. I use Biokleen Laundry liquid. She had the same thing about a week ago, just along one thigh diagonally along with edge of diaper-was really bright red, almost like a burn??

I do flats during the day--do you think I could double at night? Is that more breathable or try wool too?

TIA for any help!!

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