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mamashhon 08-07-2011 02:43 PM

Newborn Prefold Stash Q's
We've been cloth diapering for almost four years now, but I'm deciding to switch gears and I feel like a total newbie again. For DS2 (still in diapers, likely will be for a while because of language/developmental delays) we use larger pockets. They work very well for us. I've used everything from fitteds, pocket fitteds, pockets, AIO, AI2.. etc. When DS2 was a baby, I very very occasionally (had a huge stash) used UBIPFs and covers.

With new baby due in Feb, I decided that I want a simple, plain Jane, GMD prefold stash. :giggle: I am a pro-pinner, so plan on pinning and using wool & fleece covers. I sew & knit, and will be making all of my own covers.

I am open to any suggestions on your favorite prefolds and why. So far, I've bought 1 dozen Orange GMD prefolds and 1 dozen yellow GMD's. I really really really like the feel of them! So I decided to throw all of my eggs in one basket, but of course would love to hear other feedback from prefold lovers.

Next question: How many? I usually wash every other day to every 3-4 days with DS. Will probably wash more often with two in cloth.

After seeing how tiny the GMD Orange are, I think I am going to stick to more yellows, or any other brand similar to the yellow size. My first was close to 9lbs, and these oranges are TINY!

Please give me your newbie prefold stash advice!!! :blush:

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