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TeachinAuntie 08-13-2011 12:39 PM

Introducing Vincent James Goetsch (some BFing images)
Hi Mamas!!

I finally had time to take to introduce our new family member!!

Here's my quick picture birth story!

Pre-Op 37 weeks & 6 days pregnant About 6:30 am on Monday 8/8/2011

We went quickly through triage because my doctor had called ahead to schedule my C/S for 6:30. We were running late so they had to get a move on.

My contractions darn near went away once we got to the hospital and I couldn't feel Vince moving. (I think he turned at the last minute from facing my back to front.)

He had the hiccups & you could see my belly bouncing. I'd never experienced the hiccups in utero! He still gets them ALL THE TIME.

Pre-Op stuff went well, my arms were NOT strapped down, I was not naked, and the whole thing was just BETTER. I didn't freak out until AFTER he was born & they gave me some morphine. I don't do well with it & it made me have an awful reaction.

Here's my first glimpse. He was SO soft!!

A "first family" picture:

I didn't get to touch & love on him as long this time. They were in a rush to get him to the nursery since he was SO tiny!

All wiped down in the nursery. Apgars were both 9.

Daddy chose his first diaper (GMD unbleached preemie prefold, dyed) and taught the nursery staff how to use a snappi.

(PSA: Buy new snappis for your newborn. Luke's are stretched out but we're making them work.)

Apparently, I had some kind of bleeding issue and things took longer than they should have...then they wouldn't bring DH & Vincent to me right away. I kept having reactions to the medicine they gave me for pain & my "itchiness" from the spinal was pretty terrible.

I got a little teary eyed in recovery waiting for my family. The nurse wasn't that great either. :/

Then, before they even brought me the baby, the pediatrician called me and said they basically WOULD NOT take us as clients if we refused the Vit K SHOT. The oral was not an adequate substitute.

My blood pressure went through the roof & it took me the rest of my stay to get it stabilized. I ended up "firing" his pediatrician before he was an hour old & switching to the hospital pediatricians.

(This was one of our MAJOR concerns since with Luke they were SO terrible to us. They weren't great this time, but I was MUCH more in charge of my son's care this time around. I knew my rights & spoke to the hospital's L&D patient advocate DAILY.)

Finally, they brought my sweet boy to me.

And we immediately nursed.


The first day in the hospital, Monday, was spent visiting with family and friends. Nursing went well.

I was upset because they would not let me off the IV (they ran me full of fluids for 17 hours!) or the catheter. My doctor had ordered both of them discontinued ASAP but the nurses could interpret that however they wanted.

(I did complain in the hospital & I WILL complain to my doctor. I fully believe that the fluids play a huge role in the terrible engorgement I suffer.)

Of course we played dress up a lot.

Vinnie's first longies! PurlyQ's Nessie colorway, knit by Stacey C. a due-date-group friend from my first-born's DDG
They are itty bitty preemie longies with approx measurements:

And more longies. Same knitter.

This is Ella Rae yarn in a camo and hunter green color. They are slighly smaller than the other pair.

Cocoon Love: Paton's Wedgewood colorway, knit by a local/DS Mama Liz B as part of a trade. It's a bit long and the hat is too big, but we love it anyway!

Just because:

Getting ready for bed on Day 1:

In a NB nanipoo

In the hospital, Lil Joey:

Day 2:
Big brother and Daddy checking him out (while Mama scarfs down her first food since Sunday night!) This was lunch on Tuesday!

Nursing Vincent:

And then Luke decided he wanted some too! (sorry for topless, it was easiest!)

Day 3:

Getting ready to go home in a Lil Joey!

Our car seat malfunctioned the Friday before Vince was born & hasn't been replaced yet, so we are borrowing my little sister's MyRide 65. It is not a good fit.

After I get him in & buckled as tightly as possible, I add a rolled receiving blanket on each side of him & a rolled washcloth between his legs & the crotch buckle.

His coming home outfit was supposed to be this adorable set, but A--nothing my mom or MIL made was finished & B--it was all huge.

So, instead he wore the Nessie longies, "Dog Gone Cute" Carter's tee, a baby hat, and hand crocheted on size 10 thread "All Star" sneakers. And I don't think there is a picture of the entire outfit on him. :(

At home in a Joyful Tie Dyes dyed GMD unbleached preemie prefold

At home in another Lil Joey!

At home in a Handmade by Mama Soaker (you can also see his TERRIBLE newborn rash):

Another preemie GMD prefold:


Day 4:

Nap time:

Getting ready for bed w/ big brother

Nursing through the engorgement!

alyssamaile 08-13-2011 01:22 PM

Re: Introducing Vincent James Goetsch (some BFing images)
beautiful pics steph! im totally jealous now- i want this little girl to hurry up & get here so i can cuddle up with her!

mom22byz 08-13-2011 01:25 PM

Re: Introducing Vincent James Goetsch (some BFing images)
Lots of wonderful pics mama. Bet your sure glad your home with baby and family. FX that your nursing experience improves . He sure is a little doll.<3

Barbarap 08-13-2011 01:25 PM

Re: Introducing Vincent James Goetsch (some BFing images)
He is adorable!!!!! And all the outfits are too cute!

Bummer things didn't go as you wanted but great for you for sticking up for what you wanted and taking care of your family. It's a shame that things have to be so difficult at such a beautiful time.

delicatefade 08-13-2011 01:29 PM

Re: Introducing Vincent James Goetsch (some BFing images)
He's adorable!!

sugar_crystalz 08-13-2011 02:14 PM

Re: Introducing Vincent James Goetsch (some BFing images)
The pics are just adorable!! I can't wait to play dress up- just hoping my stuff fits! And I totally agree with going topless to tandem nurse- I definitely did that when Naima was born!

2&2 08-13-2011 02:15 PM


framus 08-13-2011 02:42 PM

Re: Introducing Vincent James Goetsch (some BFing images)
He is adorable and you just gave me horrible " hurry up and get here baby" fever!! Congrats, I hope your engorgement is letting up:(

sblakeley 08-13-2011 03:11 PM

Re: Introducing Vincent James Goetsch (some BFing images)
Very handsome!!

bebeboy03 08-13-2011 04:17 PM

Re: Introducing Vincent James Goetsch (some BFing images)
Awesome pics mama!!! He is so adorable! Hope you are feeling ok!

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