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Farmer's Wife 08-15-2011 10:24 PM

I'm guilty...I started my NB stash!
Hey ladies...

Anyone else started their newborn stash? I just can't help it!!! I find a good deal and I buy. I crave buying diapers, it's such an addiction. I scope out the FSOT every day to see if there is a good deal. :giggle2: My girlfriend and I are starting a diaper company here in Canada (similar to GM) so I need to stop buying them and make them instead!

SO, here is my NB stash so far:
-2 dozen (?) NB prefolds (given to us)
-6 NB GM's
-1 NB Mutt
-1 NB unknown fitted
-a bunch of NB covers from last baby

What does your newborn stash look like? We need to have a picture sharing thread for our stashes! :giggle:

chayla 08-15-2011 11:34 PM

Re: I'm guilty...I started my NB stash!
I haven't bought anything new even tho I want to SO bad!!!!

with DD I loved pfs with thirsty covers and I have some great wool. I had a lot of NB/xs/small pockets but not sure I will go that route this time. I sold all the sized ones anyways (well, most anyways).

This is exactly why I think we'll find out the babes flavor! I don't know if I can buy GN newborn diaps.

lydoomizelaine 08-16-2011 12:13 AM

Re: I'm guilty...I started my NB stash!
Ugh, I bought while I was ttc :blush: haha

LnzsOut 08-16-2011 02:47 PM

Re: I'm guilty...I started my NB stash!
I can't WAIT to buy more! Of course, DH just mentioned the other day how happy he is that we don't have to buy diapers for the newbie. Yeah, sure, no more dipes... lol!

CaliRoll 08-16-2011 02:50 PM

Re: I'm guilty...I started my NB stash!
I'm so tempted, keep putting stuff in the online shopping carts and then emptying it back out. We're going "team green" this time so that makes it exciting. I decided to wait until we see an ultrasound before buying anything. Don't want to jinx it!

ClemsonMama87 08-16-2011 06:16 PM

Re: I'm guilty...I started my NB stash!
I already have a white RaRz cover (with teh umb. cord notch) and I'm trading for a Gumball-print one :) We're going to do mostly covers/prefolds since they can be easily washed. That's not to say that I won't have a moment of weakness and get some cute pockets or fitteds :) My latest purchases have been cute maternity clothes! I'm crazy bloated and my pants are hugging my belly a little too tight.

Farmer's Wife 08-16-2011 06:42 PM

Re: I'm guilty...I started my NB stash!

Originally Posted by lydoomizelaine (Post 13567480)
Ugh, I bought while I was ttc :blush: haha

Me too!!

MNclothdiaperin'Momma 08-17-2011 06:35 PM

Re: I'm guilty...I started my NB stash!
:blush: I bought/had gifted to me several things while TTC as well.
So far we have:
2 dz prefolds
7 covers
6 fitteds
1 AI2
I plan on making some more AI2s when we find out the gender. I will probably start stalking online clearances and FSOT soon to get a few more things, but not too sure what else I am going to need.

moonlightblonde 08-17-2011 07:46 PM

Re: I'm guilty...I started my NB stash!
I don't even want to know what I have - I am scared, lol.

This will be for a day I am home alone for a few hours so I can set it all out and take pictures.

I know there is a bunch but I will definitely need some more prefolds, flats, and some more pul covers. I have some random wool, some interloc covers, maybe 10-12 kl0, some orange edge prefolds, random bummis nb covers and more I am sure, eek I'm not even 3.5 weeks.

blueone 08-18-2011 06:42 AM

Re: I'm guilty...I started my NB stash!
I was looking for good deals so I ended up buying it while TTC. I have:
6 Tinkle Trap Newborns
2 Mutts NB
3 Wahm NB
4 Pipers Closet size small (7-14 pounds)
5 KL0's
and...6 Grovia newborn from a buy 2 get one free sale.
So yeah, we have a full stash!

It was for the deals though (so I I won't buy covers until I know what the baby is. All but the Grovia were bought off the FSOT.

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