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HarleighJanes.Mama 08-31-2011 03:14 PM

Introducing dishes and silverware
Hi Ladies! I'm Amelia (Amee) and am a proud mama to a 14 month old little girl, Harleigh. She was born 6-13-2010.
I am starting to introduce plates and silverware to her, but she just wants to throw everything. The reason why we are just introducing now is because of that. Within 2 seconds her bowl or plate would be on the ground, all her food with it.
Is there an easier way to do this? Does anyone have any suggestions that will make it less stressful?
Thanks so much!

2+2macht4 12-01-2011 06:03 AM

Re: Introducing dishes and silverware
I put food on his tray and let him go nuts with his hands. I think the mess is just part of the learning process.

tavmum 12-05-2011 05:32 PM

Re: Introducing dishes and silverware
I try putting a bit of food on a plate and keep putting more and more on until it goes on the floor and then I just put food on the tray. It takes time.

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