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*Kai&Mommy* 09-08-2011 09:18 AM

Rant...the constant "skinny" baby comments
First off where I live the major majority feeds with formula,it is RARE I meet someone who Bf's in fact people think it's kind of "weird"...
I get constant comments from people about how small my son is,it is the first thing I hear out of peoples mouths-he's a really tiny baby,he's little,he's so skinny...espically other women with babies around his age. They will go on and on about how small and tiny my son is sort of in a negative way & then go straight to talking about how big their baby is & how big he/she is going to be.
Its like people try to get some edge up or something-"my grandson is so much bigger & he's 2 months younger,he's going to be a big boy..." "my son is so much bigger than your baby he's so tiny,well my son is going to grow up to be a big guy.":yack:

It just get's so annoying :banghead:

My son is 6 months and 14 or 15 lbs but he does not look emaciated-he looks healthy & happy!

Yet people go on with their comments and the doctor goes on with trying to push formula & that my milk supply is too low which is true but along with bm my son gets organic baby food and gets plenty to eat.

I'm sorry in some people's eyes my son is not fat & plump with fat little cheeks
& therefor not "cute" O well my child is a lot more healthy!

Nerissa 09-08-2011 09:41 AM

Re: Rant...the constant "skinny" baby comments
((HUGS)) people always have to have something to comment about.

I get the opposite- your babies are so big they are eating too much. I have learned just to let it go-- it is hard though-- especially when you know your LO is happy and healthy.

fourstac 09-08-2011 09:53 AM

Re: Rant...the constant "skinny" baby comments
keep doing what you're doing. I would even skip the regular food for a while and get your milk supply back up from his demand as that will help your supply :)

I think your son looks healthy form your profile pic and I would get the "your baby is REALLY big thing, should you really be nursing THAT much!" :(

you just can't win and must trust yourself :)

shanree 09-08-2011 01:03 PM

I make skinny babies too :) They have all been big at birth, but are just thin babies/toddlers. My almost 8 month old weighed 9 pounds at birth and weighs only 16 pounds right now. He is meeting milestones... Crawls all over the house and even says "hi" to everyone!
Just keep doing what you are doing. Every baby is an individual!

Shanna. Sent via android

Octmom2009 09-08-2011 01:45 PM

Re: Rant...the constant "skinny" baby comments
I agree with the others don't worry about what people have to say! It's seems no matter what someone will comment about something. My DD was also a small baby, born average at 7lbs. 8 oz and then quickly dropped between 3-10th percentile for weight. At 22.5 months old she's just over 23lbs and perfectly healthy! I still get comments from people about how "small" she is when in fact she's 50%+ for height and now about 40% for weight so actually quite average!

As long as your LO is happy and meeting milestones then you have nothing to worry about :)

KandFsMomma 09-08-2011 02:02 PM

Re: Rant...the constant "skinny" baby comments
I haven't read the other comments, but I have both, a skinny babe and a super chunk. I exclusively breast feed. DD nursed all the time, didn't start solids until about 11 months. She was always slim. and very healthy. as she is now. She's tall slim and muscular. Which is awesome! She's super healthy.
DS is a super chunk. exclusively breast fed too. and I will put off solids with him.

I always got comments about how skinny dd was. but luckily not from the doc. they always seemed surprised by how healthy she was. She was mostly in the 90th+ % for height and about the 20th% for weight.

I almost worry about my big baby, not now so much, but when he gets older.

Side note: My babes were almost identical in size at birth.
DD: 8lbs 2oz 20 1/2" 14" head
DS: 8lbs 4oz 20 1/2" 14" head

Hang in there Momma, and keep up the good work!

ETA: DD is now 4 1/2yrs 3 foot 8 and 39lbs
DS is 5 months old, just over 2 feet, and 20lbs!!

happysmileylady 09-08-2011 02:10 PM

Re: Rant...the constant "skinny" baby comments
That's SO weird to me.

I make small babies. All three were 6lbs 5oz when they were born. DD1 is 15 now, I don't remember her baby stats. But DD2 is 2.5, and she *might* be at 30lbs, soaking wet. She was only 17lbs at her 1 yr check up. DD3 is 1 on Monday, and if she's another little one. I haven't weighed her in a while, but she's just now into the 6 to 9 month sized clothing.

And despite that, I haven't gotten hardly any comments at all. Other than how cute they are :D I am surprised so many people are so focused on it.

nohollyhomaker 09-08-2011 02:17 PM

Re: Rant...the constant "skinny" baby comments
That stinks how people are acting. I would not like that at all. My girls were both small and skinny babies. My older dd is barely hanging on the bottom of the charts and my youngest is even smaller than her at the same age. I never got any comments from anyone else in a negative way. Some people mention that they are small but never to brag about their own child. My pediatrician always says they are doing great and growing great for them and never mentioned formula.

I'm sorry you have to go through that. That is lame. No one should make you feel bad. All kids grow at different rates and who cares. It isn't a contest. It isn't like adults brag about being the biggest ; ) Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and goes through puberty at different times so who knows where they will end up.

jj7202 09-08-2011 02:24 PM

Just tell 'em you milk must be "skim" :) but really my EBF DS was always dropping off the "charts" in weight. (which I believe to be more an average of a FF baby than a EBF baby anyways) He is as healthy as a horse!! Never so much as the sniffles and only just had his first fever at 17months!!! As long as they are hitting all their milestones and growing lengthwise and not actually losing weight, all should be fine. Who's to say those "bigger" babes won't always struggle with weight later in life?

myclanof6 09-08-2011 02:35 PM

Re: Rant...the constant "skinny" baby comments
DD has had some medical issues and used to be pretty tiny. She was a chunk at 15 lbs when she was 3 months old and now at 11 months next week just hit 16 lbs as of yesterday. People would always say "Oh, she was a preemie huh" SOOO irritating!!! I would say "No, she had a liver tumor and had a transplant when she was 5 months old. She's catching up now" Shuts them right up but I know how frustrating it is. Just keep doing what you're doing and take a deep breath before you go off on someone (even though they may deserve it). My other kids were fat and happy, she is skinny and happy. :)

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