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abaigeal 09-19-2011 05:56 AM

my periods back and I have questions...
I woke up this morning to an unexpected visitor...for the first time in over 2 years. I have been nursing exclusively and pumping (although I have backed off pumping) for 18 months and am on the mini pill so I am really not supposed to get a period. Well DD has not been nursing as much. For example...a typical week day I have to work at 7am so she will nurse around 5:30 before I leave, 4ish when I get home, maybe around 7 and then again at bedtime. This weekend Sat. she didn't nurse around 5, I got up at 7 she woke up at 9. Ate breakfast, nursed a few minutes, then didn't nurse again till 3ish and then again a couple of times before bed. Sunday she nursed around 3am then not again until 12 noon, and then a few more times in the evening before bed.

Does this sound like she is weaning? Could my supply have dropped because I was getting my period and that's why she didn't nurse as much? And is this why my period came back? Should I switch from the mini pill to a regular one now? I have never self weaned before or nursed this long either.

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