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monkeymama07 09-19-2011 11:33 AM

So Whats everyone up to?
HOws everyone doing?

Whatcha been doing?

I picked L up from our half way point which is about 4 hours from us :banghead: last night so we got home super late (middle of the night) and he had slept adn proceeded to stay up ALL NIGHT LONG..

Im off till Wednesday on the plus side.

I need to get Liams winter clothes because its gotten cold here. We dont have anyone that passes clothes to us which means I have to buy everything.

Im sick and so is Liam (I think its the flood water and everything) ALot of people seem to have colds and sore thoats etc now........

We are having funw ith the preschool work I have for Liam and enjoying our fall. Liam is hitting the age where hes starting to grasp the phonics and math concepts that had been eluding him.

We have been blueberry picking and apple picking this year. And we had a blast. I made a bunch of homemade applesauce and froze apples for pies and to frie up and put on waffles and pancakes.

Liams birthday is in a few weeks and I have bought him a train table :lostit: which Im excited and think he will love it so he better.... I have had it for months because I found it for a super good sale:mrgreen:

Ive applied for jobs near Liams dad so we can move and being closer to him for Liams visits so hopefully soon we can make a move :thumbsup: Which I am excited about.

Suzi 09-19-2011 07:12 PM

Re: So Whats everyone up to?
I can't imagine having such a big drive to my boys' dad. We live less than 15miles apart.

Not too much going on here. I had been talking to my first grader all summer about doing cub scouts. He's not really into sports but he likes being around kids so I thought it would be a good fit. He loves it when I take him camping or on hikes. I got the notice about the first pack meeting and was excited to take him. I ended up telling his dad and asked his dad if he wanted to take him. he did take him, they had a blast, his dad is the head of the den...makes me kinda sad. I know its selfish and I'm really glad his dad is jumping in. He's a good dad but hasn't really done much of his sort of thing. This is my sons first year not in dance. That was always our thing we did together. I kinda miss that connection.

I hate feeling like I am in some sort of competition with my ex and his new wife. Normally its not too bad but sometimes I get that way.

pcjs 09-19-2011 10:34 PM

Re: So Whats everyone up to?
My son has had a cold/fever since Saturday and its finally breaking. That's been our fun. I'm hoping he will be ok by tomorrow to go to preschool. (we just started him and he likes it).

And, we're finally almost finished with getting our siding done. Its been a nightmare till we got the right company and crew and it looks great. (so, now we just have to finish the rest of the house which is never ending).

We love pancakes & waffles here if you have extra.

savvytrav 09-20-2011 12:19 AM

Re: So Whats everyone up to?
we are enjoying all this colder weather recently - ds and I like winter so much better than summer! Already went raspberry and apple picking, hoping to go again and do some canning/jamming...
Finally meeting up with some other similar-minded mamas/kids around town and it's been good so far.

ds's dad is a pain, as always, but it always makes me thank my great dad for encouraging me not to give ds his fathers name or put him on the birth cert. which means I get to make all the decisions for ds, not his ignorant father. whew, sorry for that rant, it felt good though :D

pp, we love pancakes too...especially with peanut butter on them!!! yum!

MrsCrafty 09-26-2011 08:35 PM

Re: So Whats everyone up to?
We are good! Busy with school starting back up and getting ready to move in a few weeks. DS started school 2 weeks ago and loves it, they're going on a field trip to an apple orchard this week =) We'll go to a corn maze place, DS loves the big corn pit to play in. My parents have an apple tree so we don't usually go pick apples :giggle:

DillyDay 09-26-2011 10:26 PM

Re: So Whats everyone up to?
I have a pretty good day! Massage for my back from a car accident. slept on the couch, my kid peed in the potty and was talking to the hubby's girlfriend about reminding her to eat. she is coming off some pretty nasty medical drugs and has no appetite. poor gal.

MrsCrafty 09-26-2011 10:49 PM

Re: So Whats everyone up to?

Originally Posted by savvytrav (Post 13785082)
ds's dad is a pain, as always, but it always makes me thank my great dad for encouraging me not to give ds his fathers name or put him on the birth cert. which means I get to make all the decisions for ds, not his ignorant father. whew, sorry for that rant, it felt good though :D

We haven't heard from my ex in over a year but randomly he'll request to be able to chat with me in gmail, we used to chat in AIM when he was overseas. Maybe it just automatically sends requests but it's super annoying. Like ya haven't called to check on your son for year but you want to chat over gmail? :headscratch: No thank you. My number has not changed, when your serious you will call me. :goodvibes:

nicumama 09-29-2011 12:13 PM

Re: So Whats everyone up to?
Hi everyone. Im finally starting to feel a bit better, been fighting Pnemonia for over a week. My daughter has a nasty cough. She's loving preschool and dance lessons.
Ive been trying to reorganize and declutter my house, so far got 99% of the kitchen done :)
Excited for next week, I have a new little one starting in my daycare. And Im counting down the days til we go to Florida :) :) :)

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