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Arabesque 09-19-2011 01:34 PM

Help Me Stock My Pantry
My maternity leave just started and I need to get my pantry in order so that I have ingredients on hand to make quick healthy meals at home.

I do have some baking basics (all-purpose flour, baking soda, baking powder, etc.), and a variety of spices. What else would you suggest that I have on hand? I'm not much of a "look in the cupboard and throw together a fabulous meal" type of person, but I'm trying to be.

jbug_4 09-19-2011 02:15 PM

Re: Help Me Stock My Pantry
Here is what is always in ours (besides the baking stuff)
Canned or dry beans, plain rice (you can use these to make beans and rice or burrito stuffing- wouldn't hurt to have a can of diced green peppers for burritos).
Pasta and sauce. We use the sauce for Pizza too.
Diced tomatoes/stewed tomatoes
Stock or broth (if you don't make your own)
If you don't have any already some canned fruit in juice- will come in handy for quick snacks and desserts- we use canned peaches for cobbler all the time).
Canned veggies for short on time dinners (try to use frozen, but sometimes its just a whole lot easier to open a can and put a bowl in the microwave.
Canned chicken for chicken salad sandwiches- a lot of people use this in place of regular chicken in recipes, but I have never tried it.
Snack stuff- Saltines, ritz type crackers, animal crackers, graham crackers, applesauce
We always keep canned soup too- I know its not the best but it helps out a lot when we're in a hurry.

HeatherM0529 09-20-2011 06:43 PM

Re: Help Me Stock My Pantry
I'm with jbug on this one.
The things we always have on hand are broths, cream soups, dry beans, canned corn and peas (we usually use frozen though), pasta and sauces, tuna and just general baking stuff like flour and baking soda, baking powder etc.
Applesauce and snack crackers are always stocked as well.

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