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colin-mylilguy 09-20-2011 10:29 AM

Problem with solid food???
LO is 9 months and I started doing BLW with him at 6.5 months. He has never been too interested so he was only ingesting teeny tiny crumb size amounts and I didn't even offer food every day so it was a very gradual process. About a week ago, he started being slightly more interested in eating and went from basically sucking on things to actually swallowing some food. He has had about 3 tsp of a berry smoothie I was eating, about 5-10 cheerios at a time, half of a salt-less saltine cracker, a fourth of a strawberry, etc... I was offering solids about once or twice a day.

I thought things were going well but then at the same time he started increasing his intake of solids, he is starting to have problems with sleeping. He normally goes to bed between 6:30-7:30pm and sleeps for about 4-5 hours, nurses and goes back to sleep. Recently, after an hour-hour & a half from the time I put him to bed, he wakes up SCREAMING! He has never done this before. Never. We are totally confused.

He seems not himself and its hard to console him. After about 15-20 minutes we can usually soothe him back to sleep but then an hour or so later, the same thing happens again! Sometimes this happens 2-3 or even 4 times during the night. Its very upsetting and I can only describe his screams as ones of pure agony and pain. He doesn't want to eat or be held, he just screams and screams.

His poop has gotten thicker but he still usually goes once a day, in the morning, like normal. Sometimes he'll go a couple times in one day, like it didn't all come out at one time. Its not dry or hard. Just thicker but not formed.

All I can think of is that he is maybe having a hard time digesting the solid foods, or it is hurting him some how... or he is having night terrors? But I thought that wasn't supposed to happen till they are over a year??? I'm so confused... :headscratch:

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :goodvibes: Sorry, I wasn't totally sure where to post this thread...

sunfish75 09-20-2011 11:55 AM

Re: Problem with solid food???
Check for othe allergy/ intolerance signs such as a red ring around the anus, any rash or eczema? I would probably stop solids for a few days to see if it helped and then very carefully reintroduce solids one food at a time. Hope this helps and good luck Mama!

colin-mylilguy 09-21-2011 05:12 PM

Re: Problem with solid food???
Thanks for the response. :)

I don't see any redness around his anus, no eczema and no other common allergic responses... That is a very good idea to look for, though, so thank you! I hadn't even thought of that.

I wonder, though, if something he has been eating is irritating his digestive system in some way... maybe a mild allergy?

We stopped solids for two days and the screaming thing stopped immediately. Today he had a cracker and some fresh fruit (melon and pineapple) because he was demanding it, which is unusually. He doesn't typically seem too interested in food. I'm trying to follow his lead but his lead is throwing me for a loop right now! :giggle2:

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